I am not sure how I feel about the world we now live in. We’re in a dead end street of political fuckery that looks like a bunch of morons planning the end of the world.

Our children take a day off school to protest about the suffering planet that is their home and they are roundly trashed by the establishment as children who are too stupid to know what they are talking about or opportunistic little shits just up for playing truant or who should just do as they are told. Personally, I think they should be given the vote (currently 18 in the UK), because they cannot possibly do worse than the clusterfuck that over 18’s have made of the world and which our children will inherit [1].

Someone on Twitter said of the children taking action, they are flouting authority and without authority, there will be chaos. That is everything that is wrong with authoritarians everywhere. They don’t trust people and wholly believe we must be controlled and directed. How’s that working out for the good of all then?

As the political landscape becomes ever more authoritarian, discussion becomes ever more puerile and facile. The default position of authoritarians is contempt for the electorate, this is nowhere more obvious than in the behaviour of the DWP towards its clients. The imposition of sanctions is, above all else, a sign of contempt for those suffering such extreme punishments as depriving people of their entire income and the presumption that all ill and disabled people are malingerers and frauds [2]. They also claim that work is a ‘health outcome’, an entirely bogus belief for which there is no empirical evidence, but it serves a broader deceitful objective of dismantling social security. Thus, government intervention becomes ever more punitive, cruel and draconian [3].

This weekend has been brutally heavy, I am sick and tired of all this. My heart is like a lead weight inside me.

I am not just a socialist by temperament, I am an anarchist-socialist. Anarchy has, predictably, a really bad press which is unsurprising given that it means: ‘Belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.’ Anarchy does not mean living without rules, as it is portrayed in order to undermine it, but living without rulers and those who, with enormous arrogance and contempt, presume to be our masters.

It is almost unthinkable that we could do without government, yet there would still be a role for elected/qualified bodies to oversee country wide issues and human needs like transport, health, energy and water, even policing etc. appointed by the people in a bottom up process, without the imposition of paternalistic governance.

I regard the individual as a sovereign life, but that necessarily involves consideration of and for others. A sovereign being is not just a hedonistic selfish creep (think Ayn Rand, the failed individualist), trying to get one over on everyone else. We already have a natural model, family, in which the vulnerable are protected and supported and adults work together for the benefit of all the family. It is unsurprising, though utterly vile, that the Tories are doing everything they can to destroy the family, forcing both parents into work and kids into nurseries.

I am not even being pie in the sky or a utopian. The reality of human bonding and care is there for all to see. The morons are at the top, it was Margaret Thatcher who said, ‘There’s no such thing as society.’ Which is utter horseshit, but families and communities are a threat to those whose doctrine is greed and selfishness. It requires enormous energy and wealth to undermine people’s natural inclinations to care, nurture and support each other. That’s what the billionaire media does, day in day out, constantly forcing their message down our throats. It is a forced desecration of the human condition, which is naturally based on bonding and love. What kind of bastards would want to try to break our bonds of family and social unity? The bastards who rule our nation, that’s who.

A dear friend recently wrote the following to me: ‘All those eggs… What must the odds be when one little sperm slides into one egg and POW. Hail, babe, and well met. What are the chances that any of us ‘become’? Startled by nature, the amazing everydayness of nature. Amazing.’

How about that, eh? How about that? That’s bigger than all the fuckery by a country mile. And they don’t like it. Well fuck them! And not in a nice way.

If those who make up the establishment cannot understand life or respect the living, they are of no use to wo/man nor beast, their inability to value life is their own condemnation. They are entirely useless.

We are better than this, exquisitely made for this amazing thing called life.

Keith Ordinary Guy. 20 February 2019.

[1] https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/15/planet-children-protest-climate-change-speech

[2] http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/21751

[3] https://welfareweekly.com/work-is-not-a-health-outcome/


Catastrophically inaccurate assessments within the DWP are the norm. The government are intentionally reducing access to essential support and services for ill and disabled people, and this ideological attack is causing material hardship, suffering, distress and sometimes, it is killing people.

Politics and Insights

facade welfareYesterday on Twitter, I posted one of my previous posts – Jobcentre tells GP to stop issuing sick notes to patient assessed as ‘fit for work’ and he died in which I discuss a letter addressed to a GP regarding a seriously ill patient. It said:

We have decided your patient is capable of work from and including January 10, 2016.

“This means you do not have to give your patient more medical certificates for employment and support allowance purposes unless they appeal against this decision.”

The patient, James Harrison, had been declared “fit for work” and the letter stated that he should not get further medical certificates. 

However, 10 months after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) contacted his doctor without telling him, he died, aged 55. James clearly wasn’t fit for work. 

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Those of you that have been through the system or know people that have will already know that the DWPs flagship universal credit system is cruel, heartless and punishing. It discriminates against everyone but particularly women, children, single parents and people with disabilities.

The poor side of life

Dear readers, its Thursday yet again. The sun was shining for us today, what a welcome surprise. It was lovely to see. No joy was found from the DWP though, there’s a surprise.

I’ll be listing everything that happened today as usual. No real names will be divulged either. Today we handed out six food parcels and helped lots of people who would have otherwise been left, stranded without help by a system that doesn’t care about them.

Those of you that have been through the system or know people that have will already know that the DWPs flagship universal credit system is cruel, heartless and punishing. It discriminates against everyone but particularly women, children, single parents and people with disabilities.

Universal credit is obscenely complicated and hard to navigate, often DWP advisors don’t know the rules either. Not one department communicates with another even though universal credit is computer…

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Keith Ordinary Guy

No one can say how much depression is a genetically determined condition and how much it is a response to lived experience. Whilst genetics cannot be ruled out, lived experience is something that must be ruled in because depression, like poverty, is a whole lot more than just a personal weakness, problem or failing.

If mental health becomes divorced from any social context, the only thing that’s going to happen is that we’ll become sicker.

I have lived with depression since puberty, before that I have no way to tell because prior to puberty I was a dependent child and had no sense of discrete existential existence, so, for me, the vast empty loneliness of depression came with puberty (and awakening to a discrete existential existence), yet it took a further 8 – 10 years to realise it was an issue that not everyone experiences as a relentless life crippling problem.

Accompanying my experience of depression was a tightly controlled yet incoherent rage, which took even more years to recognise and acknowledge. When I did finally recognise it I was astonished to perceive its persistence and intense presence throughout my life. When something is as strong as that rage, which threatened to consume me, then, with no means of expression or resolution, denial is pretty much all you’ve got.

What has impressed me throughout my emerging life is how little, in general, I knew myself, something that has taken years of therapy to change and reveal so much that was hidden from me by, pain, grief, fear, rage, shame and guilt, amongst other intense feelings that have suppressed and oppressed my sense of myself.

As I’ve learnt to recognise, acknowledge and accept mental illness, I have also discovered that the mind is kind in its way. Living with trauma, in whatever shape or form it takes, our minds have to do something with it in order to protect itself and our existence. Our minds create walls, or compartments, in order to enable our survival. Unfortunately, those walls and that hidden self can also become life threatening because the natural body/mind state is to heal itself, of which protecting itself is only a part of the whole. Just as with a broken limb, we protect it, but we protect it to recover. The mind is no different, but at a much more complex level.

I spent years battling with various medications, in which some, like Ativan [1], were so addictive that, without proper help, withdrawal was life threatening. I eventually reached a place where I was more afraid of medication than I was of the depression and I made a positive decision to stop all medication with the help of a brilliant therapist. It took me years to get to that place and I am by no means suggesting everyone should stop medication, this is about my choice, not a general discourse on meds.

Depression is, though, a social dis-ease, everyone I have ever known who suffers from depression has had an acutely sensitive shit-detector. Exposure to lies and deception feels like living with my skin off, such that the kind of bullshit that politicians dish out is enraging, yet can be crippling. In fact my reaction to political deceit is exactly the same as my reaction to advertising in the modern consumer world and it was my intense sensitivity to bullshit that led to giving my television a one-off flying lesson from a first storey window in my London flat over 20 years ago (it didn’t survive the landing).

The problem isn’t the lies and deceit so much as my inability to hold them to account, therein lies the root cause of my life times battle with depression. The following will serve to explain.

My older brother and I were put into a children’s home whilst our mother recovered from one of her periodic nervous breakdowns when I was about 6 or 7 years old. We were subject to vicious cruelty and hatred every day for no reason that was apparent to us. When we were finally taken home we swore we would return one day and burn that ‘home’ to the ground. We didn’t, not least because we had no idea where it was. The point is that we were defenceless in the face of unremitting hatred and hostility from a group of adults who enjoyed their cruelty and the only way we could survive was to suck it up and keep our heads down no matter what they did to us. That alone is a recipe for depression in a situation where our flight or fight instinct was utterly useless to protect ourselves from the real and present actual danger from adult brutes.

We were also subject to sexual abuse after we returned home, and again, it is not just that I was subject to a sexual predator at an age when I had no understanding of what it was about or why, but that ‘he’ insisted it was ‘our’ secret and thus I had no way out other than the suppression of myself, my feelings and identity because my sense of being was entirely dependent on just surviving abuse. Surviving abuse creates in the victim a hypersensitivity and hyper-awareness of others and, for me personally, adults in particular. This has led to a lifetimes battle not just with depression but intense social phobia which I battle with to this day despite years of therapy.

Everything I know and understand about my life today includes, firstly, learning through hindsight and unpacking the secret layers of abuse, fear, shame, self blame and self hatred and it is my job as an adult to learn from and face the legacy of the past in the present, a lifetime of effort in which I have been enormously successful, yet acknowledge at 68 that I still have far to go.

Those who know me will be familiar with an oft used expression of mine, ‘I am not a democracy’. If you have made it this far, you now know why that expression is so meaningful to me. I have taken back my right to self determination, my right to my own thoughts and feelings and self expression. And you also now know why I chose write a letter a day to number 10 when David Cameron began the Tory reign of terror, attacking and punishing the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

I am enraged by injustice, unsurprisingly, and a government that has set out to abuse the ordinary people of Britain simply for self serving ideological reasons and financial gain and to serve the interests of an entire class of those for whom power and greed are gods, is intolerable.

Instead of the past dictating my present in hopeless depression and despair, it informs my present in which I now have the strength and awareness to fight back and to challenge the abuse being heaped on the lives of the most vulnerable people in Britain. I was a victim of abuse at a time when I had no means to protect or defend myself, now I fight, and that is right and I not only have the means to defend myself but to speak out against oppression and abuse, as is my personal and human right and the personal and human right of every victim of Tory brutality. We have lost too many to this systemic cruelty and that is why I can never give up because I would be betraying myself and everything I have battled to achieve. I’m 68 now and I am glad I am still angry, still ablaze. It’s good. The world we’re living in needs angry people.

Tories – who the hell do they think they are?

Keith Ordinary Guy. 12 February 2019.

[1] https://americanaddictioncenters.org/ativan-treatment

It’s my CLP’s right to select their representative. They don’t owe me their loyalty no matter what I do. Rather, I owe them MY loyalty, because I am the beneficiary of their work and their votes in selecting me as candidate.

Disappointed Idealist

In 2017, I was the candidate for Labour here on the Isle of Wight. One day I may share some anecdotes, but to be honest, John O’Farrell got there first, and he’s much funnier than me. Since the election, I’ve been the main spokesperson for the CLP, and since June last year, the Chair, trying to maintain our profile in the local media, and to keep the Tory council and Tory MP honest. Or at least as honest as Tories get. If Theresa May were to go for another walk and call an election, then I may well throw my hat into the ring to be considered as Labour candidate once more.

I may not be selected by the CLP though. They may choose someone else to try and topple the Tories.

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It’s incredibly difficult to make sense of this because, being animals, we don’t act through intelligence most of the time. We are driven by much that has nothing to do with intelligence, not least our biologically determined and driven sex drive. We are fantastically good at doing things which it’s painfully and ludicrously obvious are not in our best interests. Nuclear weapons instantly spring to mind. We have the intelligence to make them, but not the intelligence not to make them. That’s crazy.

I think my deepest regret in life is knowing I am going to die but being hideously constrained by a fear of living. I shall eventually be grasped by death, yet to die without really living and grasping life is the most god awful tragedy.

But here’s a thing. If I see anyone held back and restrained in life, or constrained, I am livid beyond words. I know that’s happened to me, but I lack the fury that engulfs me for others. And that’s fine, that’s the best I can manage. It’s like the whole bucket list thing and, indeed, I have cancer so a bucket list would be very appropriate for me, but I can’t think of anything to put on it that I am so avid for before death claims me.

I was 68 recently and I spent the day making cannabis oil as medication. I can’t think of anything I would rather have done. It pleases me no end to make this amazing stuff which even the hospital has called my ‘exciting experiment’ because what’s been happening in my body is not the typical, expected, behaviour of cancer. I feel like an alchemist, experimenting with my own body, being a living guinea pig, and why not?

We have had so much stolen from us, the land, wealth, natural resources, all stolen and owned by people who had no fucking right to help themselves to the world we live on.

Hunting is a popular sport, so called, but what arrogance to hunt other creatures as trophies. Is there anything about that that can remotely be called intelligent? We’re mighty grand at killing things, but really bad at living peaceably, mostly because of governments and despots. Just look at the state of the world. The absolute state of it.

The planet we live on, and are entirely constrained to continue to live on, is magnificent. It is the perfect planet for life as we know it to flourish, that’s why we’re here. Everything about it is a wonder, but humankind is destroying the planet’s ability to continue to support life. We are killing it off at a terrifying rate and still doing very little about solving the problems we are entirely responsible for creating.

If you Google ‘we will live on Mars’, you’ll discover that NASA scientists and many others are incredibly excited at the prospect of colonising Mars. But that excitement depends on a certain perspective, which is that there is an Earth which can supply all the needs of colonisation. Even if Mars is successfully colonised and becomes self-sustaining over who knows how long a period of time, there’s no way that several billion people can look to Mars as a new home if we destroy the ability of Earth to sustain life. Their excitement is for a very select group of people to pull off something that is still a pipe dream over an indeterminate period of time.

If we want a planet to live on, then intelligence dictates that we already have one and should use every resource at our disposal to look after it, not colonise a planet that is hostile to life and which can only be colonised in closed dwellings, which must be carefully maintained with door seals to keep the hostile environment of Mars out, which could kill the colonists in an unprotected instant. Meanwhile here on Earth, I can happily survive bollock naked for much of the time, suffering only the inconvenience of being arrested for indecent exposure. The penalty for indecent exposure on Mars is death.

Much of what goes on in life is conducted with extreme prejudice for life and, indeed, intelligence. Just because we popped up on the evolutionary scale with the ability to self determine, does not indicate anything of the superiority that we like to pretend to. For evidence just look at the Westminster bubble and the current crop of right-wing politicians who are busily raping the country. It makes me wonder, quite frequently, if intelligence, and perhaps life itself, isn’t wasted on those who think they rule life and the world.

For choice, I’d like to live peaceably and in harmony with the natural world of which I am an indivisible part, there is so much to enjoy and our time here is so brief. Why is that so difficult to grasp, understand and achieve?

KOG. 07 February 2019.

The NHSBSA: It’s yet another public service system that’s been designed to assume people are guilty of fraud, with the onus on patients to provide proof that they are innocent.

Politics and Insights

intro-video-posterPatients claiming universal credit who are exempted from prescription charges are receiving penalty notices because prescription forms have not been amended to include the benefit – six years after it was introduced. Some people have reported receiving multiple charge notices. Many people are being penalised for a pharmacy error or because of a misunderstanding. A third of the 2017 penalties imposed were overturned on appeal so far.

Patients who are suspected of wrongly claiming free prescriptions face a penalty of five times the prescription charge plus the charge itself. The maximum is £100; £50 is added if the bill is not settled within 28 days. 

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), an arm’s length body of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), says a universal credit tick box should be added “later this year”. Until then, claimants entitled to free prescriptions must tick the “income-based jobseeker’s allowance” box. However, some who…

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When injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty. Che Guevara

One of the most despicable psychological weapons that the government uses extensively, and nowhere more intensely than the benefits system under the abomination that is Universal Credit, is uncertainty.

Britain is in the grip of catastrophic uncertainty planned and executed by the Tories, from Brexit to Universal Credit, to pensions, our NHS, GP’s and front line services, to bullshit jobs in the gig economy, no access to legal aid and law, benefit sanctions, insecure housing, insecure education and putting people in debt for life, destroying support for disability, mobility and care services, and refugees and immigration.

Unless you are amongst the few that the Tories actively support through subsidies, grants, tax breaks [1] and quantitative easing [2], you are almost certainly experiencing uncertainty and insecurity of one form or another.

The path of ‘progress’ has led to money becoming the means of survival for the vast majority of people. We rent out our bodies for money and instead of being makers and producers for ourselves and families, we’ve become earners and it is now abundantly clear what a dangerous trade that can be. It forces people into intense vulnerability because we have lost control of the means of our survival.

There is a well know saying, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. This is a lot more serious than it may appear. If we have no control over the manufacture and supply of the one thing above all others that we depend on to survive, we are intensely vulnerable to any government or organisation that decides to restrict access to money in order to control our lives.

This kind of uncertainty kills. The Tories are forcing precariousness on us. Not knowing where the next meal is coming from, the fear of losing the shelter and protection of a home, the rise of precariousness drives the rise in uncertainty and doing this to people is despicable beyond words.

From 2010, David Cameron showed us the way it was going to be, although we needed to wait for the policies that would prove the lies. Since 2010 the lies have been continuous, with ministers lying to parliament with impunity. There’s nothing like lies to create insecurity and uncertainty [3].

Now here’s a thing, the ‘powers that be’ love to dominate, telling us how we ought to live our lives according to them, but not like them. The privileges of the wealthy elites are not for the likes of us, one of those ‘privileges’ being self-determination. Democracy is messy, self-determination is messy, respecting others and honouring their right to life, freedom of expression and assembly, is messy. These things don’t fit in the little boxes of those who presume to judge and know what is best for us. They are responsible for the chaotic lives of people struggling to survive in poverty, a criminal social condition imposed from above. Poverty is violence, but the profits from poverty are immense.

The violence of poverty strikes brutally at the very heart of life, depriving people of any quality of being, hurting and harming people, both physically and mentally. Poverty is a driving force of uncertainty, it is an economic weapon designed to suppress and control the masses. It is the imposition of misery by those who have everything and have never known a moment of want, but almost certainly exposed to appalling human neglect to make of them such monsters who presume to rule over the lives others with casual brutality.

People like Theresa May and her government for the privileged and wealthy, care nothing for our lives or our well being. They sell our health services to satisfy their greed, they oppose making houses fit for human habitation, even those they personally own and rent out. Everything is for their benefit, and for the rest of us, not even the certainty of a roof over our heads or a meal to eat.

Read through the human rights act [4]. The government is breaking the law every single day in millions of people’s lives. The just about coping are staring into the abyss, no matter where we turn, Theresa May’s hostile environment awaits, whatever our situation is, the Tories have spent years plotting how to make it worse. We are firmly into Orwell territory now, where making work pay means workers will always pay, by not having enough to live on, not enough hours, no protections or collective bargaining in the workplace.

It is as if the Tories firmly believe that ordinary people have a duty to pay rent for the right to live. There are no rewards in life outside of grind and toil, no tax rewards or free government handouts. The world exists for the wealthy and powerful, the entire system is rigged for the accumulation of wealth by the few at the expense of the many. Not only so, but the propaganda press persuade us that we serve and even vote for the aristocracy of greed and privilege and to despise the life of Oliver Twist, who deserves his life of poverty, and who must be beaten and broken if he dares to ask for more.

There can be few things more personally insulting than having wealthy, privileged people talking over our lives telling us that we’re inadequate human beings for being poor or of modest means, and telling us we can’t cook, budget, or manage money. Managing poverty is a full-time task, and by full time I mean every moment spent awake, whatever dreams people may have, poverty is a constant living nightmare.

When the children of privilege pretend they know best how to live our lives, with their finger pointing patrimony, what they deserve is a hearty slap because they have stepped way beyond rude and into insulting people’s intelligence and speaking over their lives whilst knowing absolutely nothing about them [5]. Patronising people is a deadly insult, it is dismissive, arrogant, rude, self-centred and self-focused and of absolutely no use to its victims, who are dehumanised, demeaned, ignored and abused, by those with too much privilege to spare one moment of humanity and humility for the plight of others.

There is no argument to be had with such people, they are immune to joined up thinking, trapped in their own hypocrisy, prisoners of privilege which they think they so richly deserve. There is no debate to be had with people who are convinced of their right to interfere in the lives of others. They may be the preferred guests on Question Time, hammering out the establishment line, assured in their assumptions, backed by the billionaire media, but they are of no real, practical, earthly use. That has always been the problem with the wealthy aristocracy, they are (fancy dressed) parasites on the poor with no respect for the lives of ordinary people.

What possessed them to take it to the limit and launch this cull on poor, sick and disabled people (in particular) and the destruction of the healthy functioning of the state for the benefit of all, I cannot begin to guess, but the game is up, all they have done is prove their own vileness and worthlessness.

Who dares sow uncertainty? What kind of political party makes people less secure and cheers as they do it as if they are achieving some noble end of impoverishment, fear and untimely death? No!

There is only one question remaining, when can we draw this hellish chapter of human degradation to an end? The people are democracy and the Tories are trying to shut us down by killing us off and driving us to despair and suicide [6]. There is no excuse for such brutality. The Tories must go!

[1] https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/jul/07/corporate-welfare-a-93bn-handshake

[2] https://positivemoney.org/how-money-works/advanced/how-quantitative-easing-works/

[3] https://www.newstatesman.com/laurie-penny/2013/11/internet-wont-forget-camerons-lies-and-neither-will-british-people

[4] https://www.libertyhumanrights.org.uk/human-rights/human-rights-act

[5] https://www.prole-star.co.uk/single-post/2017/05/21/Let-Them-Eat-Gruel-The-Oakeshott-Answer-To-Child-Poverty

[6] https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/disability-benefit-claimants-attempted-suicides-fit-to-work-assessment-i-daniel-blake-job-centre-dwp-a8119286.html

I have passed 35,740,800. Thankfully the clock is still ticking, but I am now 68 (in years), but over 35 million minutes old.

To be honest, functioning for that many minutes means I am now pretty creaky in most of my body parts and I have definitely slowed down a lot. As a child, I was one of four, we all ran up and down the stairs much to our mother’s annoyance, which made not a jot of difference to the speed we navigated the stairs. What the hell we were running for I really have no idea, we just did.

Most of my life has been a titanic struggle with depression and my discrete sense of self has only properly emerged over the last 20 years of my life. What I did not know in all the years I existed in the darkest black bottomless hell hole, was that each moment was painfully slowly moving me onwards to the day, aged 33, when I had my first recognisable insight. I was at university studying community and youth work and I made the breakthrough of realising that the Sun newspaper was a Tory rag. I didn’t need to check it out with anyone, I got it in what was a searingly bright flash of understanding. Such an understanding will be utterly banal to many, if not most, readers, possibly even taken for granted, but that was my awakening consciousness telling me something for the first time and it took another 2 years before I had my next real insightful thought.

I remember the quickening time frame but not the many individual thoughts that followed, because it was a process that I came to recognise as it sped up over time, until the day I came home to myself, properly knowing it, getting it, being it, being home to myself for the first time. I was in therapy with an amazing woman called Del and on one particular day, about 20 or so years ago, I arrived and I had something to say to her, before we entered her therapy room, something so important that in that breath taking moment my whole life hung on it. Even now, just writing this, the tears fall. I was as frightened as I have ever been in my life.

“Del”, I said, shaking with fear, “I’ve had a hard life.”

I watched her eyes (the eyes definitely have it, windows to the soul). I saw my words enter her, I saw her get where I was at, I saw her eyes brighten and, thankfully, she affirmed me and gave it back to me, “Yes Keith, you have had a hard life.” That’s all she said and she gave me a crackling, pregnant silence.

And the tears fell. I had never been more vulnerable than in that moment. If Del had mocked me, or had treated me dismissively, I am not sure I would have survived, yet there is no way I could have learnt the lesson of being vulnerable without taking that supreme step, with another human being, to being completely open and vulnerable.

That, for me, was the absolute key to my life, to be vulnerable to life.

I can see now, that it’s natures way, I can see it in every plant and animal, as plain as the nose on my face, that incredible vulnerability to life to which we, human beings, create barriers, denials, fortresses, both mental and physical. It’s rather like the fear of dying, it has never been my physical death that has bothered me, but my psychological death, the death of being. I am not sure I’ve dealt with it yet, I still have a sense of shrinking away from it, but less so these days. It’s ok, being alive, and it’s life itself that’s going to kill me, this brief gift will finally peter out and that’s it, done, whatever we might choose to believe comes after. Death is as natural a process as living, impermanence is natures way.

I love that my passion for life gets stronger as I grow older. I love writing and that I wanted to write this to celebrate being a 35 minute millionaire. That is such a beautiful nonsense thing to say. It’s rather like a lot of life, absurd nonsense, but startlingly good nonsense.

Human kind have a great hunger to explore, question, understand and know and yet, whatever the reason for bird song, flowers and trees, lightning and thunder, tornados and tsunamis, with their impacts great and small, they are all awesome just exactly as they are. In the end I am just like everything, I am nature, inseparable in life, able to survive by some massive accident of the universe. Perhaps there is a will behind it, but if there is it is invisible to me, yet whether there is or not, life is truly, truly, amazing.

KOG. 27 January 2019.

The Committee called on the Government to publish an assessment of the impact of a sudden loss of income due to natural migration on different claimant groups, and then to look again at whether the triggers for natural migration are appropriate… the Government has refused to do that.

Politics and Insights

DWP-Department-for-work-and-pensions-500x320.jpgThe Work and Pensions Committee is today launching a new inquiry into what the Government calls “natural migration”: the process by which people claiming existing benefits move onto Universal Credit if they have a change in their circumstances.

Universal Credit has now been rolled out to every Jobcentre in the country. This means that if people who are already claiming benefits under the old system have a change in their circumstances (for example, if they form part of a new couple, or separate from an existing partner), they can’t make a new claim for the old benefits. Instead, they have to make a whole new claim for Universal Credit.

The Government calls this “natural migration” to Universal Credit. However, people who transfer onto Universal Credit in this way aren’t eligible for any transitional protection payments and so may see a change in their income from benefits. For many people, this…

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