Out of the ordinary.

What drives an artist/photographer? I’ve often wondered how this happened because it isn’t something I have much control over, I am more like a junky looking for his next fix than anything else. It is the one thing in my life that I dedicate time to, almost all my time, utterly focussed and single minded. Nothing else comes close.  Even my physical needs come a poor second, I eat and sleep because I must, bathe because I smell, but even then I am alive to this creative force that has entirely dominated my life.

I am not motivated by money. As much as I know it is the means of our survival, it’s a death force, a hideously controlled, mind numbing, trap, it’s necessity saps my will and spirit. I tried to start a photography business, feeling I ought to, but I lacked whatever it is that other people have to make a go of it. I respect anyone who can shoot kids and pets, weddings and families to order. I simply can’t do it.

It was only very recently that I decided I am not a democracy in which anyone can have a say in how I function, and, my god, they’re out there, from governments, corporations and religions to well meaning family, neighbours and friends. There is a little secret to advice, only give it if it’s asked for, if it isn’t asked for it’s interference, don’t do it. If you are giving unsolicited advice it’s because you have an agenda, to which my free bit of advice is, your time would be better spent finding out what your agenda is and sorting that out (geddit?). This is my mind, my body, my life, my rules and my mess. and what follows is a series of pictures that are taken from my world, mess and all. The ordinary.

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