Ten steps to happiness.

I was sitting enjoying a coffee outside a shopping arcade in Bath and noticed this lady sitting over the road from me on the steps of a church. She was gazing fixedly at the cover of the book in her hands. I watched her for some time before deciding I wanted a shot of her and had time to retrieve my camera from its bag and change the lens to a telephoto whilst she continued to sit mesmerised and unmoving.  The shot is rife with stories, if we so chose to indulge them, and remains a favourite for that reason. The title of the book was ‘Ten Steps to Happiness’.

4 thoughts on “Ten steps to happiness.

  1. I’m almost ashamed to post this comment.

    It comes out my jaded past with religion, which I have shared with you many times.

    After reading your commentary on the photo, my first thought was that she was sitting on the steps of a church, and it is the churches which purport to have the only true answer to the human search for happiness as in the book she holds.

    Perhaps an irony only seen by my jaded eye.

  2. Thank you Leenie, I am glad you did post.

    What an irony. I wouldn’t give religion or the book housing room, but clearly something about this book had captivated her. I wondered if she was the author?

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