Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes – this is not the news.

In November 2011 George Bush and Tony Blair were found guilty of war crimes by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal and whilst this is not internationally binding, it paves the way for an internationally binding trial. Astonishingly, this news did not make it into the western media and, naturally, I have to wonder why? Like the News International phone hacking scandal, this is clearly in the public interest, unlike the western media reporting on what Kate Moss shoves up her nose. People may have a puerile interest in Kate Moss’s coke habits but it cannot be deemed to be in the public interest.

In order to address the peculiar disinterest of western media outlets I felt I had to do a bit more than a ‘disgruntled of Peasedown’ letter to the media. So I engaged the services of my bear, Mr Suggs, and contacted the Guardian and the Telegraph and haven’t heard a word on the matter since.

One thought on “Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes – this is not the news.

  1. I also felt the need to do something… a short film which might also be seen as a riposte to American Sniper. Glad to see you spreading your wings, best wishes

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