World War III

If I were a science fiction writer writing a story that created the world we are living in today, a world full of armed conflict, a war of attrition over information and corporate war for wealth and resources and the global oppression of ordinary people, in which war has become a dirty word and it was all done in the name of democracy… Then as a writer I would be describing what world war III might look like in an advanced technological world. War as I never expected to see it or easily recognize it, a war in which the evils perpetrated in WW II, and which should never have happened again, became the means with which this war was waged… And the very last thing that the government of my country would tell me is that we are at war.

In this war we might need to redefine what it means to be cannon fodder, because of the insidious and invidious use of psychological warfare, in which we are all cannon fodder. It is a war against the common people, who are traditionally cannon fodder, but now we pay for the banks, we are subservient to corporate interests, we have agri-war (food-war) being waged against us through Monsanto. Work fare in the UK is the absolute betrayal of the most fundamental exchange of labour for a wage. Politicians no longer even pretend to represent the common people. It is a global war of rapacious greed in which every adult and child is a potential war combatant and the use of law is being abandoned, as is the right to a be charged or receive a trial at all, let alone a fair one.

Albert Einstein said ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’ Einstein was without doubt a very clever man, but he acknowledged that he couldn’t foresee what World War III might look like… Who defines and decides what war is, especially one on this scale?

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