Letters to No 10.

I have today posted the first letter in a campaign to send a letter a day to David Cameron. The war against ordinary people is not a new one, Industry and businesses have always been given free reign to squeeze workers for profit, and workers have always been vilified for ever daring to ask for a fair deal. This extends much further back than the Industrial Revolution or Feudalism, it extends back into pre-history, think of the building of the great pyramids as just one example. We have, however, entered a new era of exploitation over the last couple of decades, and that is the sneering contempt and disdain which Politicians and corporations hold towards ordinary people and express freely. Today George Osborne announced his intent to lower public sector wages in line with private sector wages across the country. The idea of raising private sector wages in line with the public sector I am sure never even came onto his political radar. It is, therefore, my intent to engage in what will doubtless be a one sided dialogue using ridicule, satire, mockery and maybe even some humour to express my intense displeasure and protest at the treatment of ordinary people in Britain today.

Allow me to point out what should be glaringly obvious to those in power that without ordinary people, doing ordinary jobs, we have no infrastructure, no social structure, no shops, no water, no electricity, nothing and no banker or politician can pretend otherwise, other than in their fantasy towers of disdain.

As I shall be plotting each new letter a day in advance I have included tomorrows (Sunday 18 March) in the gallery.

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