Right wing extremists – the cultured killers


A letter a day to number 10. No 944

Saturday 13 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Two statements: ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (Work makes you free) over the gates of Auschwitz and Iain Duncan Smiths words, ‘disabled people would be made free by working’. The instant he said those words a line was crossed.

Work truly is liberating, but only if it is self chosen meaningful work, but that is not what Smith meant and nor was that his intent. Smith meant the imposition of work by his department enforced by sanctions and that is very opposite of freedom, that is servitude. It was stated by the DWP in 2013 that the aim was to “reduce dependency and promote work”. Do you really think for one moment that work is not dependency? The degree of dependency increases the lower down the pay and hours scale people go, until you reach the low pay, no pay, zero hours, no contract level thanks to your government and the DWP at which dependency becomes abject.

The stated aim of your government is to ensure that welfare incomes are “less generous” and to force all people of working age into any employment at all regardless of it’s practicality, it’s actual value in terms of pay, absent of worker satisfaction, until people are stripped of all human dignity. What do you suppose is driving so many to suicide, Mary Poppins?

I am a disabled man, that all on its own is a 24 hour a day job, but I am also, amongst many other things, a writer, or to put it more loosely, someone who is into the creative arts. I am not sure what drives creativity, perhaps it’s genetic, it’s certainly been with me all my life. When I hear, you, IDS, Osborne or the author of the New Paternalism I spoke of yesterday, the right wing ding bat Lawrence M Mead, telling us what to do from your ivory towers of privilege and arrogance, it makes my skin crawl. You have no understanding or respect for humanity, you fail to address reality, rather you twist it to suit your own self serving ideas and abuse positions of authority to forcibly drive others into obedience. It’s a war that has been fought throughout history by delusional men and women who think they are gods to whom the rest of us mere mortals owe subservience and obedience.

I’ll believe in human gods when I see someone without a belly button, until then what I’ll see is deluded fools who cause untold suffering, using and abusing others for their own advantage, of whom you are indisputably one. Those born of supposedly noble birth are all too often the most ignoble amongst us.

Auschwitz photo-op visit reveals Cameron at his cynical worst







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