PR, the dark arts of Parasitic Rats

20_december_2014A letter a day to number 10. No 951

Saturday 20 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Breaking news: George Osborne has given his chief of staff, Rupert Harrison, one of the chief architects of the public sector pay freeze, a 19% pay rise taking him from £80,000 a year to £95,000. Osborne really likes to rub our noses in injustice and inequality eh? Osborne, the man with the built in sneer, really loves sticking it to us pip squeaks. It’s not as if Harrison even does a real job, like nurses or teachers. What does he produce except more ways to tell lies and stuff the public?

I don’t have a problem with us paying for the public sector or the Civil Service but the public paying for Parasitic Rats (PR) to make up the lies you want us to hear is outrageous! During your time of tenure at number 10 you have increased the number of Rats from 66 to 103 at a cost of £8.4million to the public purse. I really think it should be incumbent upon all political parties to pay for their own liars and fantasy makers. Who ever heard of paying parasites, I thought they just leeched nastily off their hosts, what you don’t do is put them on the damned payroll and most especially if we are the ones footing the bill.

Speaking of parasites, and we are, I note that your personal tally of spin doctors and advisers is 26 with five of them earning over £100,000! Does it really take that many to keep up your smarm attack against the nation?  From a purely personal pleb perspective, I’d have settled for tubs of Warfarin laid around the office, that would have lightened the load for the public in more ways than one.

I don’t now what it is, but you people with a taste for power just don’t seem to be able to evolve like normal life. The father of PR, Edward Bernase, started all this nonsense off with a stunt to empower women to smoke in public to broaden the cigarette company’s spread of cancer and boost profits by calling cigarettes “Torches of Freedom”. Even the name Public Relations was a PR term for what had been hitherto known as the less palatable ‘propaganda’. In essence PR is the dark art of how to look good whilst lying through your teeth in order to rob people blind.

Global advertising, spawn of PR, is worth between 438 and 542 billion U.S. dollars and no one would pay a single dollar in advertising unless the return was astronomically more than the outlay. No matter how you wrap it, all advertising comes down to persuading people to part with their money. In modern politics it’s really no different except in your case, extorting money from the poor to pay the rich is the essence of your war on the poor. As Lennon said: “There’s room at the top they’re telling you still, but first you must learn how to smile as you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill.” That sums up the dirtiest game on Earth.

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