Cameron and the abomination of bearing false witness

25_december_2014A letter a day to number 10. No 956

Thursday 25 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I wondered if you would have the gall to invoke the Christian message this Christmas. If you are going to invoke the name of God you really should exercise a little more care. Bearing false witness is described in the Bible as something that God regards as an abomination.

If one believes in God as the creator of all things then certain things pertain, one is that nature, creation itself, bears witness to the kind of unbending will you are up against. Nature is always true to itself, the laws of nature are immutable, whether one believes in a divine creator or not, nature does not cheat, lie or steal and is never, ever, false. Nature bears testimony to itself, its truths embodied in every atom of its being, unchanging and dependable and human kind take a terrible risk if we mess with nature. When scientists explore nature, theories and hypotheses are tested against the self existing truths of nature. Nature does not bend to science, science must bend to nature. We may misunderstand nature and misrepresent it in ignorance, but nature is a bedrock against which theories and hypotheses stand or fall. You cannot cheat nature and that gives us a very dependable clue to the nature of God, if we believe there is such a being, you cannot cheat God. If an atheist chose to explore God as a theory, he or she would have to conclude that such a being, responsible for the entire material universe, would have to be true to itself, unbending, enduring and absolute and against which anything and everything could be tested and anything false would, as every scientist knows, cease to be. The scientific method gives a taste of how brutal and supreme reality is, testing ideas and hypotheses to utter destruction if they ‘prove’ false.

You are not ‘giving, sharing and taking care of others’ in Britain apart from aid to those who least need it. If voters choose ‘generosity and inclusion’ in the looming election battle next year’, it will not be your party that gets the votes. If people reflect on ‘those very Christian values of giving, sharing and taking care of others’ they will also reflect on the bedroom tax, 80,000 sanctions for Christmas, a million food bank users, many in work, benefit caps, wages caps, the rejection of aid from Europe for food banks, the loss of legal aid, forced labour under workfare, an extra 300,000 in absolute poverty, children searching through bins for food, the disproportionate attacks on disabled people and our mounting dead. And that is just a very partial list.

I wish Britain well with every atom of my being, but Britain will not be well until you are long gone. The greatest challenge for whoever wins the general election in May will be in undoing the harm you and your government have caused and that will take a great deal of time and effort.


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