Ordinary people – surplus to requirements

30_december_2014A letter a day to number 10. No 959

Tuesday 30 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Since you came to number 10 what has become appallingly clear is that you are a party with no human values at all. You support the bankers and the markets which alone crashed the global economy, whilst conducting a war against the entire state structure from welfare to front line services to driving people into poverty and homelessness, including thousands of children.

Last December you refused £22 million from the ‘European Aid to the Most Deprived’ fund on the entirely spurious grounds that ‘individual member states are best placed to take charge of such funding’, something that you had no intention of doing, did not do and have, in fact, as a government, denied any links between the rise in poverty and food banks and government policy.

Having refused this vital aid, Britain went on to create a second funding strand known as “immaterial assistance” with plans to draw £2.9 million which the DWP expected to be spent on helping unemployed people find work, thus subverting the entire purpose of the fund.

We know exactly what immaterial aid Iain Duncan Smith prefers, no aid at all. In December alone 80,000 people were sanctioned, thus losing all income in time for Christmas. In Smith’s mind destitution provides the motivational factor to find work, albeit whilst entirely removing the means to find work. Quite how this squares in Smith’s mind is unknown other than in unswerving belief. This faith based approach to policy is shared by Esther McVey who has the uncanny ability to spin an immaterial silk purse from an immaterial sows ear in robotic, contemptuous, utterances.

McVey’s latest plan is to ‘Blitz’ unemployed people with an ‘army’ of government ‘jobs experts’ to ‘offer targeted support’ into unpaid Workfare. Although she makes no mention of sanctions it is hard to imagine a Blitz without casualties, casualties being something of a speciality for the DWP.

Of course, instead of growing our way our of the bank driven recession, Osborne is using it to destroy the state by cutting it to ribbons with a callous disregard for human life, putting profits, bonuses and corporate interests before people. Osborne is running the economy to ruin the people, who have no intrinsic value to you at all, indeed, human suffering is something that your party jeers at and mocks in Parliament, in front of the nation.










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