The Tory giant Ponzi scheme


A letter a day to number 10. No 964

Sunday 04 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Britain is not in a crisis in any natural sense. It is a manufactured, market driven, for profit, ideologically imposed austerity fronted by you and your government. Since 2009 printing money as quantitative-easing (QE) has added £375 billion out of fresh air to the banks, that is £5,952.00 for every woman, man and child in the nation.

QE has two immediate effects, it gives the banks some fresh free money to invest and make more money from and it dilutes the existing money in the pockets of ordinary people, thus making them poorer. Diluted money means prices rise because businesses pass on the loss of value in each pound to customers in order to protect their income and profits. In essence QE increases the flow of money upwards with 40 percent of the gains from QE going to the richest 5 percent of British households.

Whilst giving money away to the banks, of course, the rest of us are living under your permanent austerity, announced at your gold plated Lord Mayors bash in 2013 at which it seemed you could hardly keep your buttons done up. Britain now has 13 million people in poverty, over half of whom are in work, the poor and disabled have been punished with 1.28 million JSA sanctions and 41 thousand ESA sanctions since 2012, and 900,000 people have been forced to use a food bank in 2013/14 with the Trussell Trust alone.

Iain Duncan Smith’s vitriolic Christmas message this year was, “Some people see the welfare state as a money-making scam but I have a simple message for them – you will not get away with it.” In fact it is Smith who has turned welfare and Britain’s poorest people into a gigantic money making scam by stealing the very means of survival from those most in need whilst wasting enormous amounts of money on his epic Universal Credit scam to reduce incomes for the poor even further.

Hundreds of thousands of public sector and front-line service jobs have been axed, across all professions including buildings and contents (eg. fire stations and fire-engines), you are quite literally strangling the state to death whilst pouring money into the private sector; it is an epic heist of tax payers money to feed profits. CEO salaries, board room dividends, the bonus culture and, of course, MPs expenses and other benefits and perks.

We might just as well be putting our money in recycling bins marked ‘Banks and the City’. or perhaps ‘Tory Vested Interests’. Not only is there no trickle down, the few crumbs that do accidentally fall from the tables of the rich are swept up and returned by people on Workfare and companies participating are rewarded generously for allowing them to do so. Work under your government is spending the day making food for others and going home starving, needing emergency supplies from a food bank and being called a scrounger for needing help to pay the rent. The only difference between your policies and a giant Ponzi scheme is your ability to starve people into participating.

Click to access stats_summary_aug14_final_V2.pdf

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