The UK cannot endure another five years of Tories

10_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 970

Saturday 10 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You blame the ageing population for the crisis in the NHS and for the pressure on A&E departments. I wrote recently that blaming the aged (were it true) would, in reality, be down to a monstrous 70 year failing in planning for a post war baby boom generation on a one way ageing trip through life. Governments have had more time to prepare than the NHS has existed for. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so deceitful.

You discard youth for not paying into the system, cutting benefits and support for the young in an outrageous attack on kids just stumbling into the adult world of work caring nothing for their hopes, dreams or aspirations.

You blame the ailing NHS on those who have worked all their lives, literally the people who have contributed taxes the longest in the population and you punish youth who have had no chance to get going or even decide what they really want to do. Our aged are those who best remember the aftermath of war and what it was about and those still alive who served and lost close comrades so that you could be born in a country free from the jack boots of fascism. The irony of that may be wasted on you but it will not be lost on my very dear readers many of them suffering under the atrocities being meted out by you and your government.

It is staggering that Iain Duncan Smith can have visited Auschwitz and written about his experience, describing the camp as a “cold bureaucratic place of death” and yet be responsible for the most punitive welfare reforms ever seen in this country and even refuse to update the figures for benefits related deaths. MP Debbie Abrahams confronted him the House of Commons after he stated, “I actually believe the sanctions regime as applied is fair, we always get the odd case of…”, at which Abrahams cried out “People are dying because of these sanctions”. Smith,  along with David Freud and Esther McVey, has demonstrated a cold bureaucratic heartlessness throughout the implementation of his brutal regime, stripping people of even the barest means of survival.

During the Commons debate on food banks Fiona MacTaggart described how people battled over ‘end of day’ bargains in her local Tesco, and was almost drowned out by laughter and jeering from the government benches. Writer Jack Monroe reported, “Half empty benches lined with braying, jeering, sneering MPs, shouting down Maria Eagle in her opening speech as she attempted to set the terms of the debate for food bank users, volunteers, and struggling households up and down Britain. The brutality of your government against the people of this country is a war based on a tissue of lies and this country cannot endure another five years of you.

Iain Duncan Smith MP: Reflections on a visit to Auschwitz amid political crises back home

DWP quietly ditches stats on benefits deaths

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