What kind of creatures are they?

17_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 977

Saturday 17 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Public warning to all interweb readers – please do not read the following paragraph whilst eating or drinking as involuntary outbursts of mockery, hilarity or incredulity may harm your keyboard.

I have never really indulged the more bizarre ideas that appear on the interweb regarding the aristocracy and those who occupy positions of power which claim you are all lizards, aliens or creatures from other dimensions. I can see why such speculation arises as none of you seem to have any understanding of the life, loves, cares and sensibilities of common humanity. Christine Lagarde has, however, led me to ponder the esoteric idea that she and the rest of you might all be Cyclops(eses) as I read about her praise for Britains recovery and it providing “eloquent and convincing” leadership for the rest of the EU (I did warn you dear interweb readers).

This cyclopean view, lacking even stereo vision, must have its singular focus on the City, the banks, the stock market, the extremely wealthy, CEO pay and the bonus culture. It clearly does not even see the real world, real economy, where many are increasingly denied even a hand to mouth existence as there is nothing in their hands.

Lagarde is not alone however, Osborne is tootling his own trumpet on “Good housekeeping for Britain – that’s the only way to keep everyone living here secure”. He claims, “There is no reason why Britain cannot be the richest country in the world”. He talks about future Chancellors “fixing the roof while the sun is shining” by “raising more money than we spend and using that to pay down our debts”. What roof can he mean, we ask? What else but cutting the NHS, civil service, welfare, pensions, front line services, teaching and, in fact, as we’ve already seen, all state provision.

The only way that Osbornomics can work is through the extermination of ordinary people which, as we are only too horribly aware, means the poor, the sick and disabled first. That’s neoliberal fascism for you.

I think I’ve finally cracked the issue of what kind of creatures you really are and saved myself the bother of finding out what the plural of Cyclops is, you’re all mindless bloody Daleks!

“Exterminate, exterminate, Exterminate!”



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