The rise and rise of the barbarous state

26_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 986

Monday 26 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

A report this week revealed that 62% of people sanctioned have mental health problems. The increasingly routine use and abuse of sanctions is unconscionable and unrestrained state brutality, that they are disproportionately being used against disabled and vulnerable people is a descent into a level of barbarity and cruelty that beggars belief.

As Oldham MP Debbie Abrahams very succinctly put it in the House of Commons,  “People are dying because of these sanctions” to cowardly denial from the perpetrator.

Iain Duncan Smith stated  “I actually believe the sanctions regime as applied is fair” despite all the vast available evidence to the contrary. What he believes in is his own sadistic brutality.

Your own claim that you can slash spending by ‘£30billion without inflicting any pain with the bulk of the cuts coming from squeezing welfare’ may well in your view be ‘easily doable’ but it will only come through the pain and suffering of the least able. It is not that you can do them without inflicting any pain, it’s just that you don’t care about the people who are your intended victims.

As I said in letter 982 the time to talk about genocide isn’t after the fact it is when the mounting evidence clearly indicates that genocide is inevitable as is the barbarity which will bring it about. That isn’t propagandist scare mongering, as is the endless propaganda on terrorism and the war on terror, flushed down the tubes of mainstream media into peoples homes and minds, it is exactly what the facts suggest and which Ms Abrahams outburst in the House of Commons is indicative of.

It is going to get worse because you are making it worse and your claim that cuts will be pain free is as false as were your promises to protect the NHS and front line services. In Britain today four in ten teachers see kids at school who haven’t eaten for twelve hours and a third of staff admit they buy or bring in food to give ravenous pupils. That is Britain right now under your government in which Credit Suisse finds ‘Britain is the only country in the G7 group of leading economies where inequality has increased this century’. The only question in my mind is how we stop your predatory war on the poor?

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