There will be an end and a reckoning

06_february_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 992

Friday 06 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am sorry there has been a break in my letters to you, I have been seriously ill in hospital. That is not an apology, that is a sorry because you should be hounded from these shores, stripped of your citizenship, rendered stateless, thrown to the wolves and cast into exile without solace or comfort.

I was astonished to read today that three ex-jobcentre advisors have written a play about the brutal regime that is the DWP. Describing herself an non-political, Angela Neville calls the play a “dramatic consciousness-raising exercise”. Of course you and Iain Duncan Smith would dismiss the play as politically motivated, but that’s the point, it isn’t about what you think any more, it’s about the lives of ordinary people which you are so viciously and violently attacking on a daily basis. This isn’t about you, it’s about the precious lives you are destroying.

You’re government is a den of thieves and justice is too good for you. You have abused the justice system as if you owned it and what you deserve is exile with every face turned against you, just as you have done to so many in Britain today.

You have sold our country out for a lousy bag of silver. Having stolen the means of survival from so many in a developed society, perhaps exile to a deserted island with a bar of gold might teach you the depths and depravity of your betrayal, but I really care nothing for all that you need to learn.

The depths of your betrayal go too deep, you’ve made your bed and whatever is coming to you is too richly deserved. Your policies aren’t worth a single life they have cost for you to rob this nation of the life and well being of the poor and vulnerable that you have, as policy, attacked.

There will be an end and a reckoning.

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