Yet another cowardly attack on the poor

12_february_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 998

Thursday 12 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Mail online reports that you complained after PMQs this week that Ed was personally horrid to you. I am afraid you have had a very sheltered life. I wouldn’t advise a visit to these parts if you think that Ed’s words were horrid, though I would be more than happy to broaden your educational horizons if you do.

Did we live in a democracy, and had you not so determinedly attacked our rights and legal protections, you would be long gone by now and good riddance.

I note your latest scheme to disenfranchise ordinary people is a proposal to sanction housing benefits for people deemed not to be working enough hours or earning a high enough wage. The amount sanctioned will start at £29 a week. That’s really going to help hard working people – making them homeless.

Having systematically attacked workers rights and protections all this latest proposal amounts to is kicking people when they are down, yet another cowardly and vicious attack on ordinary people.

Of course, if you really wanted to improve hours and pay you’d be legislating for businesses to provide them, but that won’t happen as you drive us ever further into a slave nation. Any impoverished worker asking for more hours or pay would be more likely to get the proverbial boot and, of course, you know this. Grinding the powerless down is the hallmark of you and your government.

Miliband apparently said, ‘There is something rotten at the heart of the Tory Party and it’s you.’ Damn right! You are a none entity of a prime minister of a party of spoilt brats and playground bullies, a fawning toady to the rich and powerful. This nation isn’t working for ordinary people because you broke it and you are hell bent on breaking us. You make me sick to my stomach in your unrelenting viciousness!

Why Cameron’s belief in freedom doesn’t extend to workers

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