Procuring genocide

14_february_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,000

Saturday 14 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Genocide is a terrible and emotive issue to raise under any circumstances. It is not something that should ever be approached or raised frivolously or without a great deal of thought and consideration. I have raised the issue twice recently and I did so long after it became clear to me that you and your party were pursuing policies which target the poorest and most vulnerable people and which are designed to put them in harms way and are undertaken with malice aforethought.

It is a terrible thing to drive people into hardship and poverty. It is also a terrible thing to drive people into debt and to place on them a burden of debt they cannot meet. I am in the position of being told I have been overpaid a sum of £9,779.80 for failing to declare a benefit to the DWP paid to me by the DWP. I have a transcript of the conversation with the DWP in which they clearly state they had access to my records and yet it took them three years to discover this alleged failure on my part to declare a benefit to them. They have on the basis of this allegation cut my income by some £600 a month.

As a man who has led a fragile existence all my life, I am at some pains to ensure that the information I am asked for is correct and that I do not make my fragile existence more difficult than it already is. I am also not a man who likes playing some kind of rigged game with people who are holding all the Aces and nor do I like being taken for a fool.

I am far from alone in being placed in this situation. I have heard from people in exactly the same situation suddenly thrust into debt for many thousands of pounds. We are being forced into hardship in an orchestrated system of benefit denial by you and your government with the sole purpose of driving us into the ground.

In 2013 Esther McVey told us that 300,000 people on Disability Living Allowance would lose their benefits or have them cut in the move to the new benefits system. Recently she gave evidence on sanctions and suggested that sanctions were a means of highlighting people in need of extra support. She would have made a great death camp commander, targeting people for special treatment and beating them into greater efforts when they were dying of starvation and forced labour. What is perfectly clear is that you and your government are procuring genocide through the imposition of ideologically driven economic hardship and deprivation whilst the super wealthy, corporations and markets reap the rich rewards. Death and profits go hand in hand and the killers wear suits, drink champagne and smile as they kill.

How many deaths have Tory evidence-free policies caused?

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