Evil men prosper and the poor are sacrificed for profit

18_february_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,004

Wednesday 18 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Britain is a tax haven in its own right but also rules the world of off shore tax havens and it’s estimated that up to $32 trillion has gravitated in secrecy into offshore jurisdictions, much of it linked to tax evasion and avoidance activities.

But, hey, it’s not just open season for crooks in suits in Britain, it’s open season on the poor as well as you announce a forty hour week of compulsory community service and job seeking for youngsters for a pittance.

It’s beyond parody that Grouse at least get a closed season, even if it’s just to breed before the shooting starts, and landowners receive benefits to support the blood bath. Not so the poor, it’s a permanent open season of economic warfare against them 24/7, 365 days a year. Even in the weeks before Christmas last year DWP data showed that 74,000 would lose more than £19million in Job-seeker’s Allowance and £700,000 in employment and support allowances was taken away from 6,800 disabled people.

In typical inflammatory style you said you want to “get rid of that well-worn path from the school gate, down to the Job Centre, and on to a life on benefits”. Given that the grouse season is relatively short, why don’t you persuade your rich mates to get down to their local jobcentre and bag a few benefit scroungers, a well aimed head shot at least has the decency to provide a quick death.

This murderous spree against the poor, the sick and disabled has to stop. It is not a matter of if, it is only a matter of when.

Iain Duncan Smith claims he understands poverty –  “I do understand it, I’ve studied it and I’ve also spent time myself concerned about it.” Really? When was that I wonder, perhaps a four hour diploma course at the Universita per Stranieri or maybe a degree from the Universita di Perugia he falsely claims to have attended in his CV?

All this from a government of brutal liars, but hey, I see you’re 4 points ahead of Labour in the latest Guardian/ICM opinion poll. You must be delighted that so many Britons support your murderous intent against the young, the poor, the sick and disabled and the most vulnerable people in the nation. Little do they realise that their turn will come and who will be left to hear their cries, other than you and the super rich who will mock them? Evil men prosper and the poor are the sacrificial lambs and scapegoats to profit.




Government subsidises millionaire grouse shooters with public money – Pride’s Purge







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