In praise of thinking, Tories hate it

22_february_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,008

Sunday 22 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am a thinking man, it’s what I do best, even though I was repeatedly told at home, school and university that I think too much. Thinking fits neatly into your skiver/striver mentality, definitely falling into the skiver category.

Thinking is vastly undervalued for its own sake, human kind are judged on what we produce, if we can’t be seen to produce something that can be measured in usefulness or in monetary terms we are considered useless. Yet the entire progress of humanity has been a thinking process and the products of thought are infinitely smaller than the processes of thought which give rise to them.

Without thought we would never have utilised fire (and how long did that take?) (thank goodness corporate pillocks, like Nestle, weren’t around then to deny it as a human right) or invented the wheel, we would have no morality, conscience, philosophy, psychology, law, music, art or adventure. The entire tide of human progress is the progression of thought. What’s that worth, eh?  How does your ‘free market’ ideology deal with that? It might value the entrepreneur, but it doesn’t value the underlying process, thought. So in your incredibly diminished, shriven, world, human kind are reduced to being mere human resources, and the very thing that makes us human is regarded and treated as entirely without value, when it is, in fact, priceless.

Problem solving is a timeless, if misunderstood process, it is 99.9% grappling with the problem and 0.1% eureka (solution), because, of course, the solution is the resolution of the time consuming grappling process. They don’t teach that in school, if you don’t have the (Goves’ rote) solution you are regarded as stupid and many is the time I have heard people beating themselves up and berating themselves for not having a solution to a problem. There may be insoluble problems, sometimes I think that you Tories are one of them, but my experience is that if you grapple with a problem long enough, allow it to simmer on the back burner, let it strew in its own juice, a solution will at some point present itself.

I am an optimist, I think there is a solution to you Tories with your hide bound, hard wired, self serving, almost mindless pursuit of profit and oppression. Your war on the poor and your greed are offences against human nature and everything that makes us human and are an assault on the value of life itself. You have done your best to protect your self serving regime from easy solutions; stripping away our access to law, resources, protections and our right to protest. The solution will not come from screaming and shouting though, it will come from thinking and being prepared to quietly grapple with the problem, perhaps even from the unrestrained thinking of a child. Who knows? But I look forward to the day because, make no mistake, that day will come.

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