The great Tory neoliberal work scam

28_february_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,014

Saturday 28 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In a market that just doesn’t want or need full time workers and which exploits every trick in the book and government legislation to undermine the work force, your focus on driving people into work is worse than asinine, it’s punitive, vindictive and a massive scam. The so called free markets are anything but free for businesses or workers, it’s loaded with legislation which favours business and corporate interests and exploitation at the expense of workers. Huge advances in technology, far from freeing people and producing a common wealth for all, has led to ever increasing wealth disparity as companies grab the profits and abandon people.

Zero hours contracts and people going self employed are at record levels, both of which exploit worker insecurity in an ever weakening job market. Choosing to become self employed to avoid a punitive welfare system is little more than people throwing themselves to the wolves because at the low end of self employment even the minimum wage does not apply. It’s a case of grab what crumbs you can, if you can.

Of course workfare remains the pinnacle of the modern work scam when signing up for workfare means that companies like Tesco can just pick up the phone and get more unemployed people as free labour and be rewarded for the exploitation of this pool of slave labour in which people are forced to participate under threat of sanctions. Forced labour, slave labour is all in a days criminal work for you and your government.

Enter Maximus, taking over Work Capability Assessments with a £500 million contract attacking sick and disabled people, scorning the professional judgements of the medical profession for a brutal and humiliating tick box routine to deny people the very real help they need to live and to force them into the work farce of meaningless graft.

Osborne boasts of record employment which is really just a silly meaningless boast of quantity over quality, when in real terms more and more people are living in poverty including the rising numbers of people in work now exceeding those out of work.

Iain Duncan Smith may well claim that disabled people would be made free by working, he would, he’s nothing but an over privileged used car salesman flogging cut and shut products for private profit with lethal intent on poor, sick and disabled people whilst destroying national social security paid for by the people for the people.

Why Cameron’s belief in freedom doesn’t extend to workers

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