Privateers, keep your grubby hands off our NHS

01_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,015

Sunday 01 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I was in the nearby town of Radstock today taking part in the 38 Degrees action gathering signatures to protect our NHS from privatisation and from the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP).

Despite assurances that the NHS is safe from TTIP and predatory US corporations you still refuse to use the UK’s veto option to specifically exclude the NHS from the TTIP deal. Given that your word is not worth the air or paper it is wasted on I can only assume, reasonably, that this is a case of your usual game of lies and deception and contempt for the people of this country in your never ending drive to privatise all state provision. Using the veto option would give us an unequivocal assurance leaving no room for doubt, in refusing to take that step then we are right to suspect dodgy motives and foul play.

Talking to people today, some of whom were entirely indifferent to the fate of our NHS, I wondered if I wasn’t to deep in, too involved, to be reasonable towards you and your government or to give you the benefit of the doubt. But then I thought, I am not nearly as involved with UKIP, certainly I have not sent a single letter of protest their way, and yet I can clearly see that they are a pantomime party of bigots led by Ronald McDonald and no sane person would vote for either them or your party.

John Hilary the Executive Director of War on Want has the following to say about TTIP: “There are many reasons why we should oppose TTIP, including the presence of other key services such as education, water and rail transport in the deal, and the deregulation agenda that is at the heart of the negotiations. Exempting the NHS will do nothing to address those concerns, or the loss of one million jobs that official estimates say TTIP will bring. That is why all progressive forces in the UK and across Europe are now calling for the outright rejection of TTIP, and its replacement with a new generation of trade deals that put people’s needs before the blind pursuit of corporate profit.”

The problem is that the NHS should be ring fenced with the legal equivalent of tungsten steel razor wire and armed guards to prevent any incursion by profiteering crooks in suits. Our NHS is the best healthcare system in the world and is also Britain’s largest employer despite your efforts to cut it to the bone. Contracting out any part of our NHS will always mean a worse deal factoring in profit, not to mention greed, when that money would be better spent improving what is a national treasure. Having recently had a life saving operation the least I can do in gratitude is to make every effort to save the life of an institution that is the envy of the world and to keep your grubby hands off it. Were this pre July 5, 1948 I could well be dead right now, yet that’s the era you are dragging us back to and those who are currently indifferent to the fate of the NHS will scream the loudest when they realise too late that its gone.

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