The great privatisation scam

02_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,016

Monday 02 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Today, the great, fantastical, privatisation scam and the ‘free’ markets. It’s the gold plated Tory magic bullet, promising new life for everyone, choice, efficiency, health and prosperity, when nothing could be further from the truth. Like Bush and Blair’s magic bullet in Iraq to bring freedom and democracy to the Middle East, it just kills as all bullets do and the only people who benefit are those who provide the bullet and the gun and order others to shoot it.

Contracting out state owned and run services and provision means staff cuts, the easiest and most logical target for cost cutting, putting staff under pressure to meet targets, working longer hours for less pay and increased job insecurity. Private companies have a duty in law to their shareholders, not to staff or clients, to maximise profit at the expense of everyone else.

Private companies are not subject to public scrutiny or oversight, so CEOs can earn obscene amounts whilst workers exist on poverty pay. Under privatisation there is no democratic public accountability, the public are abandoned to the fate of market forces over which they have no control.

There is no accountability in government, after all it is government which has abandoned the public to privatisation in the first place. Jeremy Hunt blames everyone else for a deteriorating NHS, but is himself responsible for the climate of fear that now pervades the NHS. He calls for targets and tougher measures, but responsibility begins at the top, he is the bully boy selling everyone else down the river through cuts to what’s left of the real publicly owned NHS and through relentless privatisation. He is happy to wield the stick, but it is he who has abandoned the governments duty of care to market forces beyond public control.

Hunt has repeatedly blamed the crisis in A&E departments on an ageing population. As I’ve said before, following the baby boom after WWII, governments have had in excess of 60 years to prepare for the inevitable ageing of the outcome of post war bedtime (or anywhere else) celebrations. Hunt could have perhaps blamed previous governments, but, no, he has chosen to blame people for getting old, thus demonstrating that he is not only a key player in the great privatisation scam, he is an idiot as well.

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