From social security to genocide


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,018

Wednesday 04 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Since the US discredited insurance company UNUM entered the political arena in the UK in 1994 with their bogus use of the biopsychosocial model the nature of sickness and disability has been politicised, indeed weaponised, with those suffering from any form of sickness or disability being treated as shirkers and malingerers.

‘Unum was found guilty in the US of “systematically violating” insurance regulations and fraudulently denying or “low-balling” claims using phony medical reports, misrepresentation and biased investigations’. UNUM’s self serving use of and redefinition of the biopsychosocial model was a malicious ploy to deny claimants payouts on their insurance policies even rewarding staff with ‘hungry vulture awards’ for their success in closing claims.

The entire benefits denial system in the UK has been developed and built on the fraudulent UNUM model in which ATOS and now Maximus are DWP frontline ‘Disability Denial Factories’ delivering on Iain Duncan Smiths malicious claim that “disabled people would be made free by working”.

It is hardly surprising that on 6 April 2010 the traditional ‘sick note’ in the UK ceased to be and was replaced with the ‘fit note’. Instead of people being sheltered and supported in a time of illness, the fit note is used to ‘record details of the functional effects of their patient’s condition so that individuals and employers can consider ways to help the individual return to work’. This is sickness denial with the focus on getting people back to work as quickly as possible regardless of their condition and/or need for support, protection and recovery time or whether they ever will recover.

It is little wonder that Smith has wasted so much money on Universal Credit in his efforts to eradicate sickness and disability once and for all. Such social assistance as ‘Disability Living Allowance’ and the ‘Independent Living Fund’ provide must, of course, be eradicated, if genuine sickness and disability do not exist and people just use such terms as a means of malingering then they are clearly no longer required and, indeed, people need to be punished for their aberrant behaviour, thus the astronomic rise in sanctions being dished out to sick and disabled people on ESA.

The National Audit Office blames delays and uncertainty for jeopardising Universal Credit whilst the Public and Commercial Services union has said the entire scheme is based on ‘assumptions’. Exactly, assumptions for which thousands are paying with their lives. Why would Smith care if people are taking their lives? For him suicide must be the ultimate expression of malingering and therefore justification for his entire bestial and brutal regime. Small wonder he smiles as his regime kills.

Getting rich on disability denial

Universal Credit may be a waste of money, say auditors

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