Genocide – the ruling classes have form

13_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,027

Friday 13 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Irish potato famine weighs heavily on my mind these days given all that you and your government are inflicting on this nation. The disaster visited on Ireland wasn’t a famine it was a genocide but history fallaciously records it as a famine.

How could a million people have died in a land of plenty, in the lush green lands of Ireland? Thomas Carlyle wrote; “Ireland is like a half-starved rat that crosses the path of an elephant. What must the elephant do? Squelch it – by heavens – squelch it.” And what, Mr Cameron, was that elephant? Why the British government and the aristocracy. The Irish watched helpless as ships full of food sailed for England, and when the people objected they were fired on by British troops and as the crisis worsened the food continued to be exported as yet more troops were imported.

Even BBC history says; “A million people are said to have died of hunger in Ireland in the late 1840s, on the doorstep of the world’s richest nation. Ideology helped the ruling class avoid grappling with the problem of mass starvation.” I beg to differ, though, with the BBC, the ruling class did grapple with the problem head on, against the Irish.

History reports on the treatment of the Irish; “Total Annihilation;” suggested The Times leader of September 2, 1846; and in 1848 its editorialists crowed “A Celt will soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the red man on the banks of Manhattan.”

Today in Britain there is no potato blight, no shortage of anything in one of the very richest nations in the world other than in the attitude of the government, the wealthy and powerful. There is no hint of mercy as you attack the poor, the weak and vulnerable.

Iain Duncan Smith claims that “sanctions are used as a last resort”. Really? Niall Cooper, Director of Church Action on Poverty, rightly said; “If you commit a crime, no criminal court in the UK is allowed to make you go hungry as a punishment, but if you’re late for an appointment at the Jobcentre, they can remove all your income and leave you unable to feed you or your family for weeks at a time.”

To be poor in a land of plenty is one thing, to be driven to destitution and death by the powerful is quite another. Nothing has changed, Mr Cameron, the brutal subjugation and obliteration of the poor by the rich and powerful is a black scourge throughout history, a genocidal scourge that is alive and well and unsated in Britain today. And people actually vote for this?–2

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