Another tory government; less appealing than being attacked by a rabid dog

19_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,033

Thursday 19 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

A benefits system that is predicated on inflicting suffering is an abomination, but it cuts far deeper than something that is abominable or morally repugnant.

Over recent days it has emerged that terminally ill people who have more than six months to live will be forced to do unpaid work in order to receive benefits. Regardless of whether these people will survive for longer than six months, these are human beings facing not only premature death but suffering as a result of their illness.

I’ll remind you that Iain Duncan Smith not only skipped the bedroom tax debate in parliament but when questioned in Paris by reporters he mocked them and shouted, “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!” I’ll also remind you that when Smith ducked out of the debate on food banks MPs mocked and jeered testimonies of hardship being suffered in the UK. I will further note that you have personally not said one word or acknowledged in any way that people are dying because of your welfare reforms, many taking their own lives in despair.

In the light of the above it is clear that your government is composed of people for whom the cares and concerns of ordinary people mean less than nothing and who are hardened in their attitudes and inured to the suffering they cause and, indeed, find it entertaining.

The bottom line is that such people are demonstrating a systemic attitude of abuse and are not only hardened to perversion, they positively enjoy it.

On the basis of, if it looks like a pig, sounds like a pig and acts like a pig, it’s a pig, the attitudes so publicly and carelessly demonstrated by MPs in parliament speak volumes about the widespread evidence of sexual perversion and abuse and why there is evidence of systemic cover ups to protect the high level perpetrators of every imaginable perversion.

Interesting to discover, then, that Chris Grayling is blocking research into prison rape and sexual assault. To do so is not just perverse it is downright sick and perverted. Hardly surprising then that another five years of your government is less appealing than being attacked by a rabid dog.

UK Welfare Reform Deaths ~ Updated List ~ October 21st 2014

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