Human rights are not conferred, they belong to us!

24_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,038

Tuesday 24 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Funny (peculiar, weird, strange, not amusing) thing about human rights, given that you want to scrap the Human Rights Act, you can scrap the act but you can’t scrap our human rights. As I quoted yesterday from the Liberty website on Article 3 – The Prohibition of Torture – It is an absolute right – in no circumstances will it ever be justifiable to torture someone.

There is a vast misunderstanding in the UK about what rights are, including and especially amongst you and your government. Rights are not conferred or handed down from above, they are innate and inalienable which the legislation exists to protect and to offer legal redress if they are abused.

I don’t know if Britain is unique in the world in its historic subservience to those who by accident of birth think they are our masters and betters, but something is terribly wrong in this country.

The use of sanctions and forced labour, via Workfare, are human rights abuses, pure and simple. The question is, why are so few people standing up for their rights against these abuses, and they are monstrous abuses?

I was speaking to a Frenchwoman last year and she was completely and absolutely unable to understand the British mentality of subservience. It was like talking to a tornado, her innate rights were a blasting power emanating from every pore in her body. It was refreshingly overwhelming.

Day in day out people are walking into Jobcentres to have their human rights abused and tragically, all too often, their response is beaten (perhaps impotently angry) acceptance, subservience, despair and suicide. It is an absolute abuse of his power and position for Iain Duncan Smith to take away the means of survival from anyone, least of all the poorest and most vulnerable in society and people have the right and the power to say so, loudly.

You benefited from all the support an advanced civilised country could provide for your son, as was your right, and yet you now deny that for hundreds of thousands of disabled people. As the Guardian reported “Sanctions against chronically ill and disabled people have risen by 580% in a year”.

What drove me to begin these letters was outrage at your governments growing abuses which I have seen escalate beyond anything I then anticipated. Abusing people isn’t a right although you and Smith clearly think it is some kind of perverted ministerial right that you can hide behind and protect yourselves from being answerable for your actions. Well despots have come and gone in this world, but rights are timeless. ‘We shall overcome’ is a civil rights anthem and it will outlive you and your government of civil and human rights abusers.

UK Welfare Reform Deaths ~ Updated List ~ October 21st 2014

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