Surviving the savagery of peace

26_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,039

Thursday 26 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I know that ministers and ministerial spokes people like to say they cannot comment on individual cases, which is a very convenient way of avoiding or evading difficult issues but no such restraint exists when it comes to commenting about people you want to, like Jeremy Clarkson. There exists a very convenient sliding scale on which issues get a ministerial airing and which don’t that is more than just a numbers game preventing ministers being overwhelmed by individual cases that is tarnished with a very obvious patina of outright hypocrisy.

It’s the specifics that are going to haunt you whether you avoid them or not. Let’s start with a quote from veteran Harry Leslie Smith, “I will never forget seeing as a teenager the faces of former soldiers who had been broken physically and mentally during the Great War and were living rough in the back alleys of Bradford. Their faces were haunted not by the brutality of the war but by the savagery of the peace.”

Back in July 2013 the mirror was reporting ‘9,000 ex-service personnel homeless after leaving the military’ accounting for 1 in ten of rough sleepers across the UK. Nothing changes, those who serve and are prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice for this nation are abandoned once they leave the armed forces. Having to face the savagery of peace is as shameful as it gets.

I read with utter dismay, anger and beggared belief of 96 year old Robbie Clark of Burnt Oak in North London who is in danger of losing his home and of being involuntarily put into care against his wishes by his local authority. I wrote to Brent council in support of Robbie saying, “If we cannot fight for those who fought for us out of gratitude, then let us at least have the backbone to support them out of duty, which, perhaps, might have been all that kept them going at times in the extremity of war. Robbie Clark deserves the best we have to offer, not just in monetary terms, but in care, consideration and loving support. Robbie should not be fighting this battle, you, as a council should be fighting for him or forever hang your heads in shame.” All the man wants is to to live out his life in dignity in the comfort of his own home, instead he is expected to pay the price of abandonment for your damned ideological austerity.

It should not, however, be left down to local authorities to support those who have served this nation so extremely, they should have support from central government. It is a moral outrage of the worst kind that service people are abandoned to a killing field of want and all you can do is piffle on about Clarkson and your daughter threatening hunger strike unless he is reinstated.

Politics isn’t about pathetic displays of self aggrandisement and bigging up your mates, politics is the grit and dirt of everyday life, of poverty, injustice, the health and welfare of the many, not just the elite privileged few, but then you know nothing about real politics do you?

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