Leaders care for those in their care, Cameron doesn’t. He’s no leader. Simple

04_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,048

Saturday 04 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I watched some small parts of the ‘Leaders Debate’, it’s not something that I have much stomach for, a stage managed, the woman who did speak out asked to leave, televisual, farrago.

But it was called the Leaders Debate and I have some experience of leading, quite a lot actually. In a long and chequered life I have some spectacular cock ups and failures in my life but as a wild water river leader I was probably up there with the best of them. How can I know that, there aren’t any competitions after all? The training and experience gained over years gives one an internal awareness of the demands of leadership added to which are the living relationships and on the ground experiences with others and the trust, confidence and rapport within those relationships.

The absolute bottom line as a river leader is that the responsibility for the life of each member of the group was in my hands. Losing a life, and I had two close calls, was on my shoulders as would have been facing their parents and loved ones and the subsequent investigation and having to live with the trauma. There is no wriggle room, that responsibility is absolute and irreducible. Even those two close calls are burnt into my memory, vividly and in full 3D colour.

My job, having assessed a rapid, was to be first down and to deploy myself in the place of greatest danger or just below it, to establish the first point of safety, others would follow and the least able would come down once we were in place with experienced people at the top to monitor what was going on and pace the group. Everyone was keyed up, some invigorated and excited, some scared witless, but everyone was part of a team in which transparent communication was key. There were explicit rules, we all agreed them and lives depended on implicit trust.

What’s the point of all this? You, Mr Cameron, are not a leader and you have no leadership qualities that are of any value to this nation. You are a known liar, your term in office has been littered with broken election promises. Quite why you weren’t booed off the stage at the beginning of the debate I will never know or understand.

People have died and continue to die as a result of your governments policies such that Iain Duncan Smith has refused to update the data. Your governments privatisation drive, in particular of our NHS, has meant that you have abandoned the governments duty of care to boardroom profiteers. Iain Duncan Smith has engaged in an unprecedented war on the poor depriving people of the means of survival. You have imposed austerity on the many whilst enriching the wealthiest few. You really deserved no place at the leaders debate as you are not fit for purpose.






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