All lies and spin, this nation cannot afford another five years of Tories

18_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,062

Saturday 18 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I have to say that the Leaders debate on Thursday looked quite refreshing without you there. Thank you for deciding not to bother attending.

I notice you decided to go to Leeds instead, apparently saying you liked a good debate though I also note that 30 people walked out in disgust. Good for them, there’s a lot to be said for voting with your feet. Did you really say in Leeds, “unfortunately Nick and I aren’t allowed to join the televised debate because it’s only for the challengers”? Haven’t you heard of the Internet? The debates were an open door are far as I can tell and it was you who kept kicking it shut whilst spinning it for all you were worth (which is not much… worth to the nation, that is).

On the subject of spin. Unbelievably, your spin merchants were allowed into the ‘Spin Room’ after the debate, granted permission by the BBC it seems. It’s bad enough that there is a ‘Spin Room’ at all, but to allow your party any access to that was an insult to the nation of epic proportions.

A Labour source is reported as saying, “David Cameron should be represented by an empty chair. Instead, he will be represented by spin doctors”. Like it or not the chair is the image that remains and one with a white feather on it and there’s nothing your spin doctors can do about that.

Michael Fallon’s attack on Ed Miliband about stabbing his brother in the back says everything about Fallon and dirty electioneering and nothing about Miliband who admits that bidding for party leadership was difficult and one that is taking time to heal in his relationship with his brother.

Electioneering based on lies and spin is utterly despicable and the wounds of this last five years are going to take a long time to heal and will only stand a chance of healing if you never darken the door of number 10 again. Those who say it isn’t worth voting are not considering those grieving for the loss of loved ones over this past five years and what another five years of Tories will mean for the poor, the sick and disabled, for social housing, for our NHS, for front line services, for education, for workers or for justice. Whether people vote tactically or vote with their hearts, this is the most important election this country has ever seen.

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