Hiding the indefensible behind the ridiculous and absurd

27_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,071

Monday 27 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is a measure of how rattled and insecure you Tories are when the political debate is overtaken by the ridiculous and the absurd. The best that Rupert Murdoch and the Sun can come up with is that as a child Nicola Sturgeon once cut her sisters dolls hair, an early sign of her devilish ruthlessness which has propelled her to the top of Scotland’s politics. #DollGate is clearly the worst political scandal ever, even more shocking to the nation than the cultural crisis that occurred in 1990 when Mars rebranded its ‘Marathon’ bar as ‘Snickers’. Stuff like Plebgate and MPs expenses pale into insignificance compared to the terrifyingly demonic Sturgeon.

Meanwhile, venturing into the completely absurd, the Daily Mail reports Theresa May has claimed that an SNP-Labour pact would herald a constitutional crisis greater than the abdication of Edward VIII, to which Sturgeon bluntly responded, “Theresa May has made herself look completely and utterly stupid with ridiculous over the top comments like that”. Quite.

I suppose your party and the right wing media has little choice in turning to the ridiculous and the absurd given that five years of Tories has already driven millions of people into crisis. People in in-work poverty are now facing being punished with sanctions by Iain Duncan Smith in his relentless crusade against the poor which has already cost far too many lives that you choose to completely ignore.

Your catastrophic war on the poor has seen ever greater numbers of people driven into crisis and your party is the crisis in Britain today.

With 9 days to go to the general election, I, along with many others, hope that your entire campaign and hateful crusade against the poor unravels around your ears and I can only applaud your parties efforts in that direction as you employ the ridiculous and the absurd in your attempts to hide the indefensible.







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