The wilful destruction of the poor

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,073

Wednesday 29 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In December last year you said your policies were ‘lifting people into work and out of poverty’. Let’s just have ourselves an election special review of Tory policies and action on poverty.

The broad strokes are that the poor are (and therefore poverty is) too great a strain on state/taxpayer resources and that the poor are work shy, feckless, lazy, irresponsible, self indulgent and have a culture of entitlement.

The solution to the poor, and therefore poverty, is a forced programme of retraining under intense pressure and forced work of any and every menial kind dictated by the DWP.

Under this broad grouping of the idle and indigent is included, the temporary or long term sick, disabled, terminally ill and the elderly.

The methods involved are threefold via financial ‘incentives, meaning sanctions and reductions or loss of state income, demonisation and vilification through political and media propaganda, and lastly promoting cuts as the necessary means to reduce the deficit, thus laying the responsibility for the deficit in the public mind firmly on the poor.

It is clear that Osborne has given up on paying off the national debt as he has become a debt junkie (£430.072 billion in three years). The promised £12 billion in welfare cuts are a mere bagatelle compared to his escalation of the national debt and therefore the cuts are purely ideological and a wilful and deliberate attack on the poor.

Lastly, the widespread harm being caused to the poor – hunger, homelessness, misery and suffering and even, as MP Debbie Abrahams interrupting Iain Duncan Smith, said in the house of Commons, “People are dying because of these sanctions!” is met with routine denial. Smith, whose fitness for office is based on a visit to Easterhouse in Glasgow, Auschwitz and the Catholic faith simply doesn’t believe any of it; facts, figures, reality, evidence, all fall by the wayside against his zealous faith in the sanctity of his mission to reform the poor.

Your party isn’t lifting anyone (other than, as I pointed out yesterday, the wealthy), it’s wholesale, wilful, destruction and social cleansing. It is happening right now but it’s also at the heart of your long term economic plan.

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