Won’t face the electorate but happy to procure their deaths

01_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,074

Friday 01 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Three people from the DWP have pulled out of election debates at the last minute, Iain Duncan Smith, Esther McVey and Mark Harper. It’s hardly surprising when each of them was certain to be challenged on their despicable treatment of sick and disabled people.

Their roles in the DWP can be summed up as: Iain Duncan Smith – a regime of forced obedience using sanctions: Esther McVey – forcing people off benefits and Mark Harper – forcing sick and disabled people into treatment under threat of sanctions.

These are people who have no interest in the welfare of the people they attack, each of them regards depriving people of the means of survival as reasonable and acceptable without regard for the survival of their victims. Most tellingly, none of them are prepared to defend the indefensible, they are individual cowards who expect others to do their dirty work and are unwilling to publicly face the people they attack. Smith eloquently expressed his contempt for us by walking out of a Commons debate on food banks so why on Earth would he bother turning up to face his constituents?

Government attack dogs are a special breed who never face the firing line, it is always others who fire and take the bullets, in war and peace those who govern enjoy the lucrative privileges of protected status sacrificing others for their misbegotten policies. Your government, however, has secured its place in infamy as the government that jeers and mocks, with couldn’t care less abandon, those they are happy to oppress and slaughter.

The Tories of Camden Ward W8 misused a support poster for stroke victims in an attempt to mock Ed Miliband, it disappeared pretty quickly but not before the media had spotted it. People who would do such a thing have no morals or scruples and that has been the over riding, disgusting, shadow hanging over these elections. Apologies and retractions are meaningless from people who have no common decency in the first place. If you get another term in office it will be a victory for ignorance, moral bankruptcy and self interest. I am sure you’ll be very proud.









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