A political career in treachery!

03_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,076

Sunday 03 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Like many who have endured under the worst government in UK history and for the tragedy of all those we’ve lost, I hope, with every particle of my being, that this election is not just your career defining moment, but that of your entire party.

For you politics is just a game, a career for which you were supported and groomed, caring nothing for those who suffer the impact of your political agenda in real life and in real suffering.

You blame Labour for ‘the mess you inherited’ whilst supporting and rewarding the banks and the people who caused it. But that’s not the point, the point is, where were you as a politician as the entire world descended into chaos? If any politician and any party is to blame, it is all politicians and all parties. Real politics isn’t a lifestyle choice, it’s engagement in the life and well being of the nation and its people. Just because you were in opposition when the banks crashed the global economy doesn’t mean that you or any MP serving in parliament at that time is any less culpable for the disaster that the politically unrestrained financial markets inflicted on the UK. Your use of the crash to further your own ends and your career at the expense of this nation is beyond despicable, it is a crime even if the Police are powerless (or prevented or complicit) to pursue prosecution.

All you have done is impose a political ideology on the nation without a shred of honesty or decency. Your 2010 manifesto was a pack of lies which you dumped as soon as you made it to number 10, with long standing plans to cripple ‘hard working people’, justice, welfare, education, our NHS, front line services, along with the unemployed, carers, poor, sick and disabled people and the elderly.

Austerity, the great lie, which you announced as permanent to the nation in the midst of the lavish splendour of the Lord Mayor’s banquet, was the imposition of an ideology whose driving aim was to attack the lives of ordinary people, just like the bedroom tax was.

The thought of another five years of you and your party of rich, self satisfied, career criminals strikes horror in the hearts of those you have targeted and will continue to target. Austerity is a war on the poor being conducted by career politicians who care nothing for the impact on the lives of their victims, nor the deaths that have occurred and which will only escalate should you gain access to a position you have already so viciously and violently betrayed for a ‘fixed’ term of five years.







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