Cameron, more of a sneering arsonist than a fire fighter

05_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,078

Tuesday 05 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I wonder in what, Tinker Toy, Lego Land, fantasy world you think of yourself as a Fireman?

It’s hard to imagine a worse insult to the national intelligence and as a personal insult to every Fireman and Firewoman in the land and especially to those you’ve fired and abandoned.

Since 2010, 39 Fire Stations have closed, 145 Fire Engines have been scrapped and over 5000 firefighter positions have been axed. You’ve even attacked their pensions and retirement age and Fire Minister Penny Mordaunt accused striking firefighters of “scaremongering” and “divisive negativity”.

You couldn’t make this stuff up, not even in a fantasy novel, only in your dream world of self delusion – “sometimes I feel like a firefighter, we’ve been putting out a blaze in this building and there is Ed Miliband coming round day after day the man who set the fire there in the first place complaining were not putting it out fast enough.” Really? Ed Miliband isn’t the arsonist, you are.

Fire service personnel don’t discriminate between rich and poor, saving the former and abandoning the latter, nor exclude people on the grounds of age, disability, race, employment status etc. or refuse anyone in a place of need. They serve the nation, as you are meant to do but do not.

It was a terrible sight to see Alex Badcock, who served for 29 years in the Fire Service, break down in tears at your and Boris Johnson’s betrayal of him and his colleagues and the community he served.

Your patronising, ignorant, self serving use of fire service imagery to score cheap and misleading points against Ed Miliband is the measure of just how unfit for office you are, even and despite five years in which you might have learned something had you the least inclination to do so. You are a disgrace to the nation and the office you’ve occupied for five long years of betrayal.

If you are going to insult us, at least try to do it intelligently.

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