When middle England wakes up the poor might not be around to help them

10_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,081

Sunday 10 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Middle England has spoken and you’ve got a slim working majority. If that majority represents anything at all it is the triumph of un-reason. Many consider that the applauding of austerity and the cuts to the poor is down to an attitude of ‘I’m alright Jack’. Whilst that may be the superficial reason it is fundamentally born out of ignorance by those who simply have not as yet felt the weight of your cuts, privatisation programme and the destruction of our public services. They now have five long years of unbridled Tory misrule to learn to regret their ignorance. The bleating will doubtless be long and loud.

Of course some people forgot to vote and the lamest excuse I’ve come across, from an accountant, is, “OH GOD! I forgot to vote. Cannot believe it. If only somebody on Twitter had mentioned it, or urged me to vote, I might have remembered…..” I hope that if he has a house fire there is a fire service available to come to his aid, if someone on Twitter reminds him to phone them, that is.

For those who rely on help from society for whatever reason, another five years of you and your government is going to be an unmitigated disaster, striking terror in their hearts and facing the very real possibility of literally being driven to death.

Austerity is merely the deceit of transferring financial risk to the poor. Capitalising on people who Iain Duncan Smith refers to as ‘stock’ and treated as expendable, after all suicide is good for business, getting rid of the high cost elements and concentrating on the stock you can manipulate, not the dead end stock, like the disabled.

If poverty could cure itself, it would have done so long, long ago. Creating yet more poverty is the purposeful driving of people into desperation, that’s good for exploitation, low wages, zero hours contracts and profits. Every business that exploits it’s workforce by keeping them dirt poor passes on the responsibility for their survival to the tax payer. Such businesses are the real benefit scroungers which you so avidly support.

You protect the wealthy at the expense of the poor and the next five years of Tory triumphalism is something which the poor will pay dearly for. If middle England ever wakes up it will be far too late for them to scream, ‘Help!’ as the people with the wisdom, knowledge and hard won experience to help them (given for free) may not even be alive.





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