The government are the terrorists!

24_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,095

Sunday 24 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I was thinking about today’s letter when a friend posted online a letter from the DWP, another fabricated pack of lies and his third attack by the DWP. I conducted a straw poll yesterday asking who had been stitched up by the DWP claiming that information had been withheld, had not arrived or had been lost. There were many affirmative responses. My purpose in conducting such a poll was the suspicion that these ‘errors’ are deliberately manufactured by the DWP to cause hardship and distress.

It is now well established that austerity is ideological, that the real perpetrators of the banking crisis have got away scot free and are, indeed, continuing to richly reward themselves for their crimes, despite Osborne losing his expensive attempt, at our expense, to protect them in Europe. We know that the poorest and most vulnerable people are being targeted and penalised and being held responsible for paying back a national debt they had no part in creating. We also know that Iain Duncan Smith’s sanctions regime is designed to punish the poor, that there are targets, that staff are punished if they fail to impose sanctions for the meanest of reasons and that people are being wilfully denied the means of survival and treated, without trial, more harshly than criminals.

The bedroom tax was imposed on social housing tenants whose rents are the lowest in the country and it had nothing to do with comparisons in the private sector where rents and house prices are out of control, but just another attack on the poor. You have also crippled our justice system, given tax breaks to the rich and are privatising our NHS and destroying public services.

Small wonder then that people are in despair and feeling hopeless, many of them taking their own lives and they are doing so because they are decent people and therein lies the problem. It is still very hard for many decent people to see and understand that we are being governed by criminals who care nothing for the lives of ordinary people and who are perfectly happy to sacrifice our lives expansively for political and ideological reasons, for profit and gain and who will tell any lie, spin any untruth, cheat and rob us blind because that’s what you’ve always done.

But here’s the worst of it, you are cowards, the very least of people, the most odious, obnoxious creatures with no redeeming features whatsoever, protecting yourselves and your expensive lifestyles at our expense, as if that is your due and god given, deluded, right. This feels like an endgame, the last dying gasp of people who know nothing but greed who are too stupid to understand that if we go down, you go down with us because you are too useless to take care of yourselves, something we have always done for you and which you expect as your due and are too stupid to understand that simple fact of your miserable, worthless, lives. If you want to know what a terrorist really looks like, look in a mirror.

Click to access PCS%20%28SAN0161%29%20300115.pdf

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