Britain doesn’t need another Tory party, one is too much

30_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,101

Saturday 30 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I see that Andy Burnham is trying to out right wing you Tories. You must be delighted, the end of the Labour party is nigh. Order another case of Bollinger because let’s face it they’ll never out-Tory you Tories, try as they might.

Burnham said society’s wealth-creators will be valued as highly as NHS staff. Who does he mean by wealth-creators? In Burnham’s own words, “Far too rarely over the last few years has Labour spoken up in praise of the everyday heroes of our society. The small businessman or woman; the sole trader; the innovator, the inventor, the entrepreneur. The small businesses that become big businesses.”

There is no question that founding and growing a business is hard work. It’s a risk. It involves seemingly endless hours of work, worry, negotiations, loans, research, office work, organisation, premises, equipment, staff, more worry, more sleepless nights. Britain was described by Adam Smith and Napoleon as ‘A nation of shop keepers’. Quite why Britain was singled out for this accolade I don’t know. How did other nations survive without the plethora of small businesses that worked away to provide for the family and business needs of a nation? Nor can there be any question that a successful business should reward all that the founder/owner/risk taker puts into it. I’ve worked for enough small businesses to know that business owners deserve more in their pay packets than me, no question.

But here’s the thing, the point that you and Burnham miss. Business owners and staff are a symbiotic whole. If the business succeeds it is a team effort, treating the staff badly and paying them badly and walking off with a ridiculous excess of profits whilst workers live hand to mouth is despicable. Working together, they are all wealth creators and anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or a liar.

All you right wing blinkered half wits really need to engage your brains. Hint – it’s the thing that takes up space between the ears.

The Labour party was founded on the struggle to end exploitation in the work place. A fair days work for a fair days pay isn’t too much to ask for or expect. Making obscene profits whilst paying workers a minimum wage is rotten to the core. Poverty wages that see workers reliant on benefits and even food banks is criminal. We don’t need another Tory party driving ordinary working people into the ground, denying that they are wealth creators, allowing them to be ripped off, even one Tory party is too much. Surviving in poverty, that is truly heroic and requires a heroic effort.

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