The rich rewards of ripping off the poor

11_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,114

Thursday 11 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There is no more virtue in work than there is in leisure and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. If society is dumbing down, by which of course we mean the poor, then it is doing so, in part at least, because of the oppression of work where leisure time is used to recharge our batteries leaving no time for productive thought and leisure, for the endless treadmill of work which pays enough only to ensure our continued enslavement.

If labour were not capable of producing more than is required to sustain survival then there would be no surplus of anything in the world and we would all be farmers. The fact is that the huge diversity of work which has nothing to do with the production of food or shelter or clothing, the very basics of survival, can only exist because of the surplus from the labour of others.

Manual labour is the bread basket of the world for which we express our ingratitude in paying manual workers the least and treating them and their labour with contempt and as the lowest form of work, when it is the highest and on which we all depend every day of our lives.

There is nothing wrong with honest labour, but we’ve forgotten what honest labour is because honest labour is the producer of plenty. The dishonesty towards labour now is that people work for so little they must depend on general taxation to survive. Those who earn enough to pay taxation despise such help to those impoverished by work and which is kept to the barest minimum and, indeed, Osborne is expected to slash in-work ‘benefits’. The time spent despising the poor would be better spent in despising and railing against businesses which are the real robbers of taxes and the beneficiaries of poverty wages.

The dishonesty of George Osborne is that he cuts corporate taxation and taxation of the wealthy and impoverishes the poor further. The fact is it is the poor who feed the wealthy because the calorific value of money is zero and the more idle the rich, or accustomed to the best of everything that labour can provide, the more dependent they are on the labour of others to sustain them in their selfish ingratitude. Paying thousands of pounds for a designer frock or a handbag doesn’t reward the labourer who made it to even a tiny percentage of what it is sold for. Thus the wealthy support wage slavery and care nothing for the oppression of the poor.

When all the profit from labour, which is the surfeit after costs including labour are accounted for, is pocketed by businesses in its entirety than it is small wonder that Britain is the most unequal nation in the western world. The worst criminals in the world, though, are bankers who are the cause of untold misery the world over and who continue to profit from the suffering and misery they inflict on others and even award themselves bonuses in a world in which banking and corporate crime is the ultimate virtue and greed is god. The budget that Osborne is about to unveil will be a budget based on the crimes of wealth for which the poor will yet again be forced to pay, many with their lives.

One in five benefit-related deaths involved sanctions, admits DWP

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