Never keep the company of fools, least of all Tory fools

14_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,117

Sunday 14 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is well said, never keep the company of fools, not least because of their tendency to self congratulate and congratulate each other for their stupidity, thus encouraging each other to indulge in yet more foolishness. Never before has this been so apparent as in the Tory club of Westminster.

It is astonishing that only fools would do to others things they would never countenance being done to themselves for a moment, and would, indeed, scream “Foul!” the loudest.

Who but a fool would take away the means of survival from others and regard himself as a paragon of virtue for so doing? Who but a fool would place obstacles in the way of others over which they are bound to stumble and punish them when they fall? Who but a fool would presume to flog others with the misery of poverty to enforce obedience to his will and who wants for nothing and enjoys the highest protections from the consequences of his actions? Who but a fool treats the least fortunate and most vulnerable people as prey and boasts of what he’s stolen from them as saving money at the expense of their lives? Iain Duncan Smith does all of this and more.

What kind of fool ignores the collective wisdom of the country’s and the worlds best economists to continue to impose ideological austerity to pursue a neoliberal agenda to dismantle not just the welfare state but all state provision and to the transfer of the wealth and assets of the nation into private corporate ownership? Inevitably, the greatest burden of dismantling the state falls on those most in need of its support, those who live the most vulnerable and fragile lives; poor, sick and disabled people are the fall guys, paying with their lives and well being for the antics of an economic illiterate and a fool.

What kind of fool of a national leader sets out to deceive a nation in order to betray a nation and uses lies, deception and propaganda to set the people against the people and engages in a war on the poor, who will tell any lie, sign a contract to the nation and use pledges and promises with intent to betray? What fool lies to parliament, steals justice from the people, ignores the escalation of poverty and our mounting dead and with gloats and sneers makes public mockery of others?

What kind of fools would place profits and unrestrained greed above the rights, lives and well being of the people and who would give liberty and freedom to the markets whilst denying them to the people? A nation is its people and government exists to serve the people, not just some people, and only damned fools think otherwise.

Click to access a-contract-with-the-voters-1.pdf

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