The wasteful poor, victims of their own life style choices and moral failure

15_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,118

Monday 15 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Poverty is caused and maintained by the willful immorality of the poor, it is a moral failure of self indulgent, profligate, living marked by extravagant and wasteful lifestyle choices leading to degeneracy, drug and alcohol dependence, obesity, laziness and an attitude of entitlement and exploitation of the welfare system.

This narrative of poverty and the solution, as informed by the Tory neoliberal doctrinal propaganda machine, is to remove the social safety nets for the poor, increase employment and pay insecurity and psychologically reprogramme the poor to work harder for less under threat of the loss of the means of survival and access to any form of legal redress and the ability to defend their lives from punitive intervention by the state.

The something for nothing culture of entitlement of the poor is evidenced by them owning such extravagances as televisions and spare rooms, being covered in tattoos and can most easily and readily be witnessed through their importuning and preying on the generous good will of hard working people on the streets through begging, having made themselves wilfully homeless in order to enrich themselves on the backs of hard working decent members of society.

These days, one of the most lucrative ways of exploiting welfare is to pretend to be sick or disabled, as the execrable and discredited American giant health insurance company Unum informed the UK government, sickness and disability are forms of malingering and the cure, of course, is to get sick and disabled people working. Work, quite literally, makes you well. Sitting at home enjoying a life on sickness and disability benefits helps no one, is unproductive and is a huge drain on those who work hard for a living; dying of cancer and other terminal diseases and debilitating physical and mental illnesses can no longer be considered to be barriers to contributing to society through work.

Self reliance and taking personal responsibility are crucial in the cure of sickness and disability, so welfare support for mobility, personal independent living and disability are barriers to a productive life and must be removed in order to foster independence and responsibility.

Making work pay by reducing welfare and, for those resistant to work, removing welfare support altogether gets people on the road to health, wealth and happiness. The salvation of poor, sick and disabled people lies in their own hands, if they have any,  gifted to them by benign, caring, proactive government, and a few thousand deaths through malingering merely evidence the failure of the poor to embrace self reliance and to take personal moral responsibility for their own lives. Thus we stand at the cross roads of the new Tory utopia, masters of all they survey and destroy.

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