Austerity is just a Tory excuse to dismantle the nation for profit

21_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,124

Sunday 21 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

With up to 250,000 marching in London yesterday and some thousands in Glasgow, plus unknown numbers online helping to spread the word, austerity is an ideological choice opposed by many of the worlds leading economists.

With an underwhelming majority of 12 seats elected by less than 25% of the electorate that is hardly a democratic mandate to simply ignore the desperate plight of millions of people across the UK.

Osborne is not paying down the debt, in fact he has borrowed more in four years than Labour borrowed over 13 years. The reality of your austerity is a shock tactic under which you are selling off and privatising the state and destroying the system of social security which is needed all the more, precisely because of your permanent austerity.

NHS regulators are to take control of health services in three entire regions of England, Essex, North Cumbria and Northern, Eastern and Western Devon. This is not because of failures in those who work hard every day to keep the NHS running. The NHS is being starved to death by Jeremy Hunt, who, in the book he co-authored called “Direct Democracy” wrote, “Our ambition should be to break down the barriers between private and public provision, in effect denationalising the provision of health care in Britain.” He also mocked the NHS saying, “The NHS is one among many institutions that make up the quango state.”

This is the man in charge of our NHS, is it any wonder that through stealth, deception and misdirection, he is doing exactly what he set out in the book, under the false ideology of austerity?

And therein lies the fundamental problem with you Tories, you play the nation false. No lie too big and no betrayal too small. You would sell your own mothers if you could turn a profit from it. You have no allegiance to this nation, it’s all just a means to an end, and that end means the fundamental betrayal an entire nation for your own ideological agenda.

That is why so many people were marching yesterday and that is why we must all keep on marching in whatever way we can, in whatever way we are able, to oppose you. Debbie Abrahams MP said, when she interrupted Iain Duncan Smith at a Department of Work and Pensions Select Committee on benefit sanctions, “People are dying because of these sanctions.” That is the price we are paying for austerity.

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