Welfare dependency is a life line, not a crime

25_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,128

Thursday 25 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Before I get on to welfare dependency today, let’s just clear up the issue of those who abuse the system. It is part of the great diversity of human nature that some people will always take advantage of situations and circumstances, whether that’s MPs abusing expenses, bankers abusing the markets or people abusing the benefit system. But let’s be absolutely clear about something, abuse by the powerful and advantaged far outweighs people abusing the benefits system. Benefit fraud at 0.7% is not a threat to the national economy and benefit fraud had nothing to do with crashing the global economy. So Iain Duncan Smith endlessly regurgitating his benefit dependency, people languishing on welfare as a lifestyle choice, rhetoric is just ideological bullshit to vilify people on benefits. The brutal reality is that Smith is just a con-man who, tragically, is in a position to hurt a great many people through his lies.

George Osborne and Smith are preparing for a further £12 billion of cuts in welfare that they say will reform “the damaging culture of welfare dependency” with working tax credits and disability benefits distinctly in the firing line. That’s the art of these confidence tricksters, feeding the idea that low pay, zero hours contracts and disability are encultured lifestyle choices. Not to forget your own grand slam confidence trick to introduce ‘incentives and sanctions to ensure that work always pays’ by cutting benefits, like some circus ringmaster removing the safety net to encourage trapeze artists to perform better, regardless of those who fall to their deaths.

Yes, people are dependent on benefits, it’s not a sin, moral failing or fraudulent to be disabled or to be paid such lousy wages that people can’t earn enough to live on without being dependent on benefit life support. Disability is not a life style choice. Mental illness is not a lifestyle choice, being wheelchair bound is not a lifestyle choice, having cancer is not a lifestyle choice, being a con-artist IS a lifestyle choice. And that is what you, Osborne and Smith are, confidence tricksters posing as politicians costing the lives of people who, through no fault of their own, are dependent on life support.

Your only excursion into work outside politics was as director of corporate affairs for Carlton TV, or, in other words, a public relations (PR) director. Edward Bernays was the father of PR, the master confidence trickster who turned the dark arts of the propagandist into a global industry, lauded and applauded for just being a corporate con man, the father of lies in earthly form. The wilful practice of deceit is despicable under any circumstances, it’s pursuit as a career choice in politics should be regarded and treated as a crime against humanity.







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