Austerity is state violence towards millions of ordinary people

28_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,131

Sunday 28 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

People ask me how I can write these letters day after day? I can write them because I have no mercy in my soul for you. You do not forgive someone for abusing you knowing they will do it again the next day, you set your heart, mind and will like granite against them, yet I at least exercise restraint where you do not. You are committing violence against the people every single day and we are not using the militarised Police to beat you up with weapons and nerve holds, crashing you to the ground, that’s what you do, those are your tactics and you should be, at least, grateful that we are not kettling you, forcibly restraining and arresting you, which you richly deserve and we do not.

The bankers bail out slips so easily off the tongue, but how many bankers have died because of their greedy, wilful and recklessly criminal behaviour? And as a consequence, how many ordinary people have died? How many children are going hungry?

How many MPs or their family members have died as a consequence of the banking crisis and the imposition of austerity?

In the last five years I have bought a few ‘Letter a Day’ tee shirts and a few for others, some socks and underpants last year, and a pair of boots to replace my single pair of shoes that were plain worn out, but which, in fact, I still wear. What have you paid for this austerity you have imposed on us that you claim we are all in together? Name one single thing and make good what are otherwise empty words.

I have paid for these letters with a little help from my friends, but I have paid through depriving myself of real world stuff, like clothing, for something I believe in and actually I don’t much care about ‘stuff’ or how scruffy I look, I care about life. What have you paid, Mr Cameron, for this austerity that you so ardently believe in and impose on us? Name it, name the price of your conviction, on paper, for all to see, and let us be the judge of your conviction.

We are a nation and, indeed, a world afflicted with the politics of fear and hate. The terrorist (a modern catch-all invention), the immigrant, the benefit scrounger, the undeserving poor, the malingering disabled, poverty porn, the religious extremist, those divisive Scots, too many ageing people, the feckless workless young. Endless meaningless vapid nonsense!

The greatest threat to the world today is corporate and financial terrorism, which is what TTIP and ISDL mean. And then there’s corporate welfare, worth, according to the Guardian in October last year, £85 billion of our money. If a fraction of the time spent by politicians and the media mercilessly vilifying ordinary people was spent on vilifying benefits for the welfare eating, rich corporate money grubbers, we might begin to see some social justice in this country. In the face of such extremism, we act with admirable constraint where you do not because, make no mistake, utterly corrupt neoliberal corporate greed and the imposition of poverty is violence and that is what austerity means to millions of ordinary people.

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