A government that attacks disabled people has no place in office

02_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,135

Thursday 02 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

If you can deny aid to people who without it would simply die, there is no lower place to go other than shooting or gassing them.

This is not the first time that the state attacking disabled people has occurred, the last time we were engaged in a world war against such a regime.

People with disabilities had no part to play in crashing the world economy, they are not terrorists, tend not to rebel rouse on the streets in orgies of booze and drugs and no one knows if they take sugar, but they are being subjected to the most brutal penalties and cuts by you and your government.

Disabled people are being hit by your cuts nine times harder than most citizens and people who need social care are being hit 19 times harder.

You have made many declarations about protecting vulnerable people and even shamelessly use your son to promote your personal credentials in understanding disability. You even ripped into Ed Miliband in Prime Ministers Question time saying, “I don’t need lectures from anyone about looking after disabled people.”

On the Andrew Marr show on 2 May 2010 you said, “The test of a good society, you look after the frail, the vulnerable, the poorest.” Cutting off peoples life support is not by any definition, other than a Tory one, an expression of care. It’s all of a piece with making work pay by cutting benefits and driving people through desperation and poverty.

You are right, you don’t need lectures from anyone about looking after disabled people because you are wilfully deaf to every word and every entreaty because this is a war that you are waging against us in which truth isn’t just the first casualty, it’s dead and buried.

The collective wealth of the richest people in Britain has more than doubled over the last ten years and yet Osborne is being urged to cut the top tax rate to reward them further even whilst looking to cut in-work benefits for the poorest workers who are being abused through criminally low wages and to cut disability benefits yet again. As hard as you promote this war against the vulnerable through lies, spin, deceit and deception, there is no possible reason or excuse for it. It is not disabled people who should be hounded, it is you and your party who must be hounded out of office without mercy.





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