It’s ok to insult, humiliate and abuse the poor in Tory Britain!

07_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,140

Tuesday 07 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The message is loud and clear, anyone who is poor, down on their luck, out of a job, sick or disabled, living in council or social housing or homeless, not a millionaire or inheritor of wealth, doesn’t aspire to home ownership and a life of debt, is a loser and a burden on tax paying, hard working, people.

The message is also clear that losers are losers because they are abusers of any and all forms of social provision, wander through life dripping (like sweaty parasites) entitlement wherever they go, boozers and drug addicts, fat, lazy and lousy parents, an excessive burden on health provision and are ruining the economy.

We must all, or so the message goes, be socially reprogrammed, bludgeoned into forced labour to learn the value of hard work, sanctioned and stripped of the means of survival to ensure we learn the error of our ways, be demonised, hounded, pursued, be subjected to jumping through any and every bureaucratic hoop, be dangled, delayed and treated like frauds and criminals on the make.

But the loudest message of all, which will be the central underlying message of George Osborne’s upcoming budget, is that you can insult us, demean us, lie to us, cheat and steal from us and treat us with utter contempt.

Never would I have dreamed it possible that we could be dragged back to a Victorian nightmare in which so many could be roundly and so openly insulted and abused by a bunch of the worst, most over privileged, pampered and pandered to, despicably socially prejudiced, indifferent to suffering and death, sneering wide boys, some of whom are ex-members of a club whose current initiation apparently involves burning £50 notes under the noses of the poor.

If there is one message, however, that trounces all others in your rampage against us it is the one that was given to a severely disabled woman on the loss of the lifeline that was the Independent Living fund. She was told that she must learn to sit in her own shit and piss as that would help her “be more independent” and thus she’d no longer have to rely on other people to take her to the toilet, as if that was some kind of moral failing on her part.

This is Tory Britain today!,+the+Tories+are+back+for+more

ILF closure: ‘I want to chew off my own hand so I can escape’

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