Osborne’s carrots for the rich and sticks for the poor show


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,141

Wednesday 08 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Sitting here writing today feels a lot like standing by the side of the road waiting for a car crash. The only difference is that I know exactly when this car crash will arrive, immediately after the weekly pantomime that is Prime Ministers Question time. Then it’s on with the ‘Osborne Carrot and Stick Show’, carrots for the rich and sticks for the poor.

Opening song:

Georgie Porgie, budget and lie,
Kick the poor and make them cry,
When the rich came out to play,
Social cleanse the poor away.

The household benefits cap, we know of, lowered from £26,000 to £23,000, to ensure it is below the national average wage. Of course the grand lie here is that the national average wage is about individual wages whilst the benefits cap is about what an entire family has to live on. The larger the family the harder the hit, to eat or not  to eat, that is the question?

But it is so much more than that, because you’ve made it more than that, and part of the national dialogue now is shaming the poor for having the temerity to breed, relentlessly squeezing and oozing out worthless lives to burden the world. Such children are devoid of value and meaning, they just take up space that is the preserve of the worthy and the good who pour out their rage, indignation and hate on those of unworth.

Your war on the poor has been and is astonishingly successful, it is a triumph of spin and psychological manipulation. Since 2010 poverty porn has become an incredibly popular national phenomenon. Osborne himself, one of the orchestrators of hate speech against the poor, used the 2012 Conservative party conference to come out with this little nugget, “Where is the fairness, we ask, for the shift-worker, leaving home in the dark hours of the early morning, who looks up at the closed blinds of their next door neighbour sleeping off a life on benefits?” Hatred of the poor has been part of his long term economic plan from the beginning and it’s been a solid gold success… for the richest people in the country who Osborne has very kindly helped to more than double their wealth since 2009.

Disabled people are likely to see yet more cuts as Iain Duncan Smith continues his campaign to heal disabled people through work and Osborne is expected to attack Disability Living Allowance. Disabled people are already the hardest hit, bearing 9 times more cuts than most citizens. The casual wanton brutality being meted out to disabled people by you and your government is simply staggering, but then you Tories are very, very good at wrecking lives that have no meaning or value to you.






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