The UK, where those with the broadest shoulders bear the greatest burden

13_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,146

Monday 13 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The progress of humanity has led to me enjoying and appreciating the comfort and security of living on Disability Living Allowance. Yes I did say comfort. Feel free to quote me. You can have no idea what that means to someone whose life has been marked by the insecurity of breakdowns and incapacity, unable to work for long periods of time in mental torment and anguish.

11,334,576 people voted to remove that in favour of Universal Credit which attacks the least able to support themselves by a government which, along with the media, has the temerity to vilify us.

11,334,576 people walked into a voting booth and endorsed a known liar who also gained his position in 2010 on a pack of lies. Thus the ignorance of a minority inflicted on the majority the return to government of the worst government in our history.

In your speech on Opportunity on 22 June 2015 you said, “Whatever the pressures, we will stand by my promises to protect the most vulnerable – including the most disabled who cannot work because that’s the sign of the compassionate country I believe in.” This was mere days before the closure of the Independent Living Fund and the end of the support of the most vulnerable and disabled people in the UK. I will never know how your own tongue didn’t jump out and strangle you.

You also said in front of an audience on public television that you would protect tax credits which two months after the election George Osborne has cut whilst at the same time rewarding the rich and the powerful through raising the threshold on inheritance tax and lowering corporation tax.

George Osborne said in his budget speech, “those with the broadest shoulders are bearing the greatest burden. For we are all in this together.” Indeed, it’s true, the poor have always had the broadest shoulders and carried the greatest burdens whilst the rich profit from the fruits of their labour. You might find out just how much we are all in this together if waiters, kitchen staff and cleaners, who are amongst the poorest paid workers and will therefore bear the burden of cuts in tax credits, decide that London is no longer a place they can continue to support with their labour.

The next Lord Mayors Banquet might be interesting if you all have to prepare it, bring you own packed lunches and clean up your own mess afterwards.

The top 10 worst paid jobs in the UK

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