Poverty is violence. The welfare reform vote

22_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,155

Wednesday 22 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

What a triumph for the violently malicious and the spinelessly mediocre the voting on the Welfare Bill was. Make no mistake, poverty is violence! That’s the bottom line. And those who drive poverty as policy are no more than vicious thugs and those who abstain from preventing violence are craven cowards.

And what does the author of poverty and despair, Iain Duncan Smith, do? He gloats and lies, “Nearly 50 Labour MPs have defied their leadership and opposed our welfare reforms which will move our country from a low wage, high tax and high welfare economy to a higher wage, lower tax and lower welfare society. It’s clear that Labour are still the same old anti-worker party – just offering more welfare, more borrowing and more taxes.”

The actual cost of Universal Credit, estimated cost in 2012 of £12.85 billion, is now shrouded in mystery as IDS (a fatal socially transmitted disease) is concealing the cost from public view. Benefits to the unemployed cost £8 billion, a mere trifle in government spending terms, whilst in-work benefits are somewhere in the region of £76 billion driven by poverty wages, making businesses the real benefit cheats by an order of magnitude of 950% over the unemployed who are anything but cheats. Whoops.

But let’s take a look at the real bad boy of ‘welfare’, pensions, somewhere in the region of £90 billion and ask ourselves why pensions are considered to be welfare? Pensions are money paid forward in work, deducted from pay, to cover ‘worked for’ retirement. I receive an occupational pension which no one in their right mind would call welfare, it comes from money deducted from my pay entrusted to, in my case, a local authority, to hold and invest for my retirement. The aged are now universally demonised as the greatest drain on the NHS, which they built, many of whom fought a bloody war and rebuilt the nation afterwards yet whose hard earned pensions are branded as welfare. What a misbegotten, hell spawned, insult!

It comes down to this. The Welfare Bill is an attack on the poorest and most vulnerable people in society which Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat (who they?) leader, called, ‘economically stupid’. I’d prefer economically malicious. It involves the deceitful rebranding of the minimum wage as a living wage, cutting in-work benefits which it’s beneficiaries, businesses, will be loathe to spare any profits from workers to address and the benefit cap will create dead zones of social exclusion in the Tory heartlands, whose denizens will doubtless pick up their Daily Mails and blame it all on immigrants.

It’s tax breaks for millionaires and austerity for the poor. That’s Tory Britain where the poor pay for the rich to get even richer and Iain Duncan Smith has found a new attack dog to replace Esther McVey.









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