The neoliberal world grab is the greatest heist in history

29_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,162

Wednesday 29 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is astonishing that in a world of incredible technological achievement which advances on a daily basis and which is positively drowning in wealth, albeit highly polarised and selfishly contained and constrained, we have a government that is dragging us back to an era of Victorian standards and behaviour and dismal, brutal, authoritarianism.

Instead of becoming liberated by technology and all it has to offer, instead of new, hitherto unknown, freedoms that challenge the very notion of work, we have the Tories. Instead of social benefits, we have social oppression. Instead of less hours work for more, we have more hours work for less. We have a government with a mantra of ‘making work pay’ through collapsing the social safety nets, increasing poverty, sanctioning the means of survival, in order to force people into meaningless jobs, or ‘bullshit jobs’ as author David Graeber puts it, on meaningless pay under the guise of full employment.

We have a prime minister who had the audacity and the gall to stand up at a gold plated banquet to announce permanent austerity for the poor and yet was photographed in a state of satiation with his shirt buttons coming undone.

The state, the last stronghold of public wealth, provided by the people for the people, caught the attention of the greedy as a vast purse from which to pilfer and plunder. The great privatisation scam is anything but private, it is a transference of public wealth into private hands in which the public retain the liability whilst private corporations make off with our tax wealth for profit as they ‘bid’ for contractual handouts of public wealth. It’s the benefits scam of all benefit scams aided and abetted by an utterly corrupt government. The bitterest blow is that the public who fund these scams will never see a reduction in taxation, quite the reverse. As  Kailash Chand said in the Guardian, ‘The notion that competition promotes excellence and market forces breed efficiency is a myth’. As services are atomised and company loyalties are to shareholders not customers, costs increase as services decline and costly services are abandoned, either lost forever, rescued at greater cost or subject to privatised charges. Jeremy Hunt has at last let the cat out of the bag casting doubt on the future of our free at the point of use NHS, moving deceitfully ever closer to a private insurance based system with insurance lobbyists champing at the bit.

The world of ordinary people is little more than a feeding ground for the rich and corporate sharks the world over are enjoying a feeding frenzy with a taste for public blood.

At a time in history when the public good could be experiencing its zenith or have that well within its sights, what we have been handed is the greatest betrayal in the history of the world, plunging towards a nadir of social progress at the hands of liars, crooks and con men. The neoliberal world grab is the greatest heist in history.

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