The Bible, now rivaled by the Tory manifesto as ‘the good book’

02_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,166

Sunday 02 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

“I don’t think we’ve wasted a day, frankly, in the last 80 days.” Nor you have, Mr Cameron, not a wasted moment.

You have somewhere around twenty judges resigning at the pigs breakfast that is now what was once known as the justice system.

The Independent reports that doctors have declared war on Jeremy Hunt over his weekend working ‘myths’ and ‘Dr Mark Porter, chairman of the British Medical Association, said the profession was ‘furious’ with the Health Secretary, who told it to ‘get real’ over the need for a ‘proper seven-day service in hospitals’.’

You are planning to send sniffer dogs and fencing in humanitarian aid to Calais to help deal with what you refer to as the ‘swarm of people’ seeking a better life, warning that the UK is no “safe haven” for migrants. Well, quite, it’s only safe for the rich and unscrupulous.

You are proposing to cut off the means of survival for people who refuse treatment for obesity and drink and drug addiction, seemingly with never a thought that such enforcement might just make the situation infinitely worse. Such a proposal is enough to drive anyone to drink, if they can find a friendly off-licence to rob, that is, and not have to face the pigs breakfast mentioned earlier.

Two years after parliament voted not to bomb Syria news has emerged that British pilots have been doing just that under Government authorisation. Your office said that ‘they were embedded with US forces and not operating under a British chain of command’. So that’s alright then. *wink wink*

Osborne announced in his budget a new ‘living wage’, currently at £7.85 nationally and £9.15 London, of, wait for it… £7.20 from next April. Only gorgeous George could come up with a pay rise in negative figures. Sadly that’s all I have room for as you know I like to keep these little missives to one side of A4 for the ease of whoever has been tasked with reading them and not responding.

To end then, I’d just like to pay tribute to you saying your government could travel quickly because it ‘helps to have one hand at the steering wheel’ rather than having to share it with another party and that you’ve likened your manifesto to the Bible, saying ministers just had to refer to ‘the good book’. Does Her Maj know that you’ve promoted yourself to God, I’m not sure she’ll be best pleased with that? I’ll carry on referring to you as Mr Cameron if that’s ok, though, to be honest, other names have been vying for my attention for some time now. PM or God, you’ll still be the worst one ever.

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